Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, admits that Tesla is stronger than expected

Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Groupwants the consortium to be able to commercialize more electric cars than Tesla by 2025. It is something that he has already declared on more than one occasion, and it is the CEO’s great ambition since he took over from him. However, after seeing how the events are unfolding and how the sales figures are evolving, Diess has declared that Tesla is being a stronger opponent than expected.

The German manager’s comments have come during the “Future of the Car” conference, in its 2022 edition, an event held by the Financial Times. In it, Diess has commented that although Tesla is proving to be a more constant rival than expected, he does not intend to give up. “It will be a close race, but we will not give up. I have to say that we did not expect our main American competitor to be so fast and so well prepared.“.

And it is that, after the start of production of the Tesla Model Y, Tesla’s sales figures have been catapulted to a new level. So much so that the firm’s electric SUV has positioned itself as the best-selling electric car in the world during the first quarter of the year, while the Tesla Model 3 has “settled” for second position.

First Model Y seen leaving Tesla's new German factory.
Deliveries of the Tesla Model Y have catapulted Tesla’s sales.

To find the next best-selling model of the Volkswagen Group on the list, you have to go to the eighth position, in which the Volkswagen ID.4, although its just 30,000 units marketed cannot be compared, not even remotely, with the almost 170,000 of the Model Y. With the opening of the German Tesla factory, the distance between Tesla and the rest of the manufacturers that produce electric cars only promises to increase in the coming years.

Diess, however, is optimistic about the goal that has been set, and although it is true that until 2025 Tesla products are still postulated as those preferred by the public globally, The German director takes refuge in a greater offer of models to hunt down the Americans; more electric cars distributed among firms that cover a greater range of customers, because in a short period of time it will have from affordable electric cars from Volkswagen and Skoda itself, for example, to high-luxury models from brands such as Porsche and Bentley.

However, it seems really complicated for the German consortium to meet its objective with the Sagunto battery factory not starting production until 2026, since it is the one that will supply the Martorell and Pamplona factories, responsible for manufacturing the affordable electric cars that they will arrive for the Skoda, CUPRA and Volkswagen brands, which will be in charge of covering the largest market share for the Group.

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