Harley-Davidson presents its first electric mountain bike, now with suspension

Harley-Davidson presented at the end of May the BACH/MTN, its first electric bicycle created for the mountainalthough meeting her raised certain doubts about her behavior, since she lacked no type of suspension system. Now, the American brand, through its subsidiary company Serial 1, has just presented an evolution of this model. The SWITCH/MTN count with one picture and a similar electrical diagram to his sister but includes a suspension fork adjustable front, one telescopic seat post Y adjusted tires to the new conditions.

With the first Serial 1 electric mountain bike, the American brand seemed to fall a bit short by not including any type of suspension. This led to doubts about their ability to defend themselves off more or less flat tracks with little bumps. To be able to cross somewhat more complex terrain, a few weeks later, the Harley-Davidson brand has presented the SWITCH/MSNconfigured as a rigid bikeie without suspension at the rear, but with a high-quality fork at the front.

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According to the brand, the new SWITCH/MSN is an extremely capable e-bike, high in performance to satisfy a seasoned cyclist and just as accessible for riders just starting out off-road.

According to the brand, the new SWITCH/MSN is an “extremely capable off-road e-bike, with high performance to satisfy an expert rider, built with careful attention to fit and fine detail that ensures our latest eMTB is also just as accessible for cyclists starting off-road.” Serial 1 director Aaron Frank elaborates a bit more on the bike’s features: “The SWITCH/MTN, with its powerful motor, high-capacity battery, fully adjustable front suspension and wide-ratio 1×12 transmission, It offers all the performance and capacity to explore fantastic destinations on two wheels.”

The novelty included in this new Serial 1 model is the inclusion of a suspension fork at the front. It is a Suntour ZERON35 BOOST AIR fully adjustable capable of absorbing impacts large and small. It offers 120mm of travel, features a forged crown, 35mm alloy stanchions, magnesium bases, and a high-performance sealed cartridge.

Additionally, Serial 1 has included a TranzX dropper post that allows you to adjust the height of the saddle on the fly during ascents and descents. are added alloy wheels 27.5-inch wheels wrapped in Michelin E-Wild knobby tires and 203mm TRP Slate T4 hydraulically actuated disc brakes with four-piston calipers.

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New to the Serial 1 SWITCH/MTN is the inclusion of an adjustable Suntour ZERON35 BOOST AIR suspension fork with 120mm travel.

The hydroformed aluminum frame with off-road geometry it is available in four sizes and inside it all cables are routed internally to keep your design looking clean. The SWITCH/MSN uses many of the same parts found on Serial 1 electric city bikes.

Its construction is born from the same base, as is the electrical system that is implemented in it. It consists of a Brose S-Mag engine located in a central position, on the axis of the bottom bracket that is capable of assisting up to the 25km/h in its European version (32 km/h in the United States). The cyclist has at his disposal 90Nm of torquewhich is one of the highest support levels compared to the competition.

The lithium-ion battery integrated in the frame and developed internally by Serial 1 has a capacity of 529Whwhich, according to the manufacturer, can mean a range that will be included between 48 and 153 kilometers depending on the weight of the cyclist, the demand for assistance, the orography of the terrain and the weather.

The mechanical transmission is provided by a SRAM SX Eagle 1×12 one-click derailleur, specific for e-bikes, it has a trigger shifter that offers greater flexibility while riding.

On the left handlebar grip it includes a controller that allows you to turn the assistance system on and off and choose between the four predefined power modes. It also includes a position to walk while pushing the bike and a button to turn on the headlight.

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The electrical system consists of a centrally located Brose S Mag motor on the bottom bracket that offers 90 Nm of torque and a lithium-ion battery integrated into the frame that has a capacity of 529 Wh.

Like all second-generation Serial 1 bikes, it features Google Cloud implementation, summed up in new connectivity capabilities, real-time data collection, turn-by-turn navigation and safety features, and a new USB-C cable underneath. of the handlebar that serves to charge the mobile are the novelties.

For now, neither the BACH/MTN nor the SWITCH/MTN are available on the Spanish Serial 1 website, so their price is unknown, although in the United States it is $4,499.

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