Green hydrogen, the great potential of Andalusia if it takes advantage of its geographical resources

Doctors from the University of Huelva (UHU), Francisca Segura Manzano Y Francisco Jose Vivas Fernandez They have pointed out the Andalusian potential to develop green hydrogen and ask for the support of the administrations so that Andalusia leads this technology in the State as a whole. Both have participated in the first UNIA Summer Course dedicated to this technology, which has been given in La Rábida (Huelva) during this week.

Dr. Manzano explained that what is relevant about hydrogen is that “it has an energetic power three times higher than gasolineso three times more energy can be produced in a fully renewable way by solar energysince it is necessary to separate the water molecules (HtwoO), because hydrogen as such only exists in small quantities in nature.”

In statements to Europe Press, both doctors have pointed out that “Andalusia plays a key role”. Thus, Dr. Vivas has stated that “we have solar resources with incredible potential that we can take advantage of to produce green hydrogen”. For Manzano, “thanks to the geographical characteristics of Andalusiamany solar resources can be obtained”, thus, “if we take advantage of that sun to generate electrical energy that we will later use to break that molecule of water, we have guaranteed hydrogen cyclewhich we call green hydrogen, because it is a cycle completely without emissions of pollutants”.

“If in Andalusia we have the ‘key’ support of public administrations, companies will be able to lead projects”. The doctor has exemplified with the mobility sector, since “if ‘captive fleets’ are created in ports, in that they begin to put pilot prototypes of mobility based on hydrogen, it would be the way for Andalusia to lead the energy transition from the national point of view”.

In addition, he pointed out that “at no time are we going to depend for energy on third countries or on weather conditions” since “by having stored hydrogen, we have a guarantee of having energy without conditions, which gives us independence and will allow us to reduce our dependence on the gas”.

Green Hydrogen Applications

For his part, Dr. Vivas, specialized in designing control algorithms that make it possible to solve problems with hydrogen technologies, pointed out “the versatility in terms of applications”, since “it can be used in vehicles with a hydrogen or electric combustion engine and in homes through the use of microgrids with small fuel cells of three to five kilowatts, which represents the usual consumption of a home”. In addition, “the heat that is generated can be used for hot water and heating, killing two birds with one stone”.

Regarding its scope, Francisco José has acknowledged that “it will take time to reach the common population, mainly due to the cost of technology, which is very high today”, however he has pointed out that “there is a great deal of research into materials to reduce the cost of your costs and increase the lifespan of this whole piece of equipment.

In fact, “one of the plants to be developed in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) will be one of the largest producers of green hydrogen in the world, specifically for the chemical industry, which can take advantage of all this knowledge for future applications energetic”.

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