Gordon Murray’s electric SUVs will weigh less than a small electric utility

Gordon Murray has always been characterized by giving his creations a reduced weight, something that it will be seen again in the next electric models that will be presented soon. A few months ago, the news broke that the British firm was beginning the development of several electric SUVs, although always under the seal of “light weight”. Now, after some statements to the media Coach by Philip Lee, CEO of Gordon Murray Group, interesting data has been revealed in this regard.

The first electric SUV to arrive will be developed under the GMT (Gordon Murray Technology) division and new advances in light weight will be implemented in it. This will be in charge of showing the technical capabilities of which the British firm is capable.

Among its main features will be to use the new battery design that have an immersive fluid cooling system and will be coupled inside a rigid box, which is part of the vehicle’s own structure. This box will allow access to its interior only for maintenance work. This battery will present a high energy density, which guarantees a good storage capacity with a more compact size. From the firm they also admit that it will have higher power output and above average range.

At the same time, this new platform for electric vehicles will be developed under Gordon Murray’s iStream process, in which one of its fundamental values ​​goes through replace more conventional steel panels with a combination of metal and lightweight composites. This type of manufacturing, in parallel, results in lower energy use, smaller factories, as well as a level of CO2 emissions below the general average.

Gordon Murray next to the GMA T.50
All of Gordon Murray’s creations have been characterized by a very low weight.

Ultimately, all of this will The smallest SUV developed by Gordon Murray weighs between 1,100 and 1,200 kilos, that is, about 300 kilos less than a Renault ZOE access (1,570 kilos). It is true that this model will not have Herculean dimensions, since it is hardly expected to reach 4 meters in length; however, this will present a cabin with a generous capacity to transport 4 passengers, as well as a very complete cargo space.

On the other hand, the second electric SUV that the Gordon Murray Technologies department will develop will be somewhat larger but not much heavier, since rumors suggest that it will only add between 100 and 200 kilos more to the figure proposed for the model. access; that is, a maximum weight of around 1,400 kilos. This continues to be a most striking amount, since it will still be noticeably lighter than many electric utility vehicles currently on the market, such as the MINI Cooper SE (1,440 kilos), a Peugeot e-208 (1,530 kilos) or a Honda e (1,514 kilos). kilos).

Both models are expected to be unveiled sometime next year 2023. However, Gordon Murray will use them to demonstrate capabilities and be able to develop new models for other interested companies, something that is also expected to happen with these two SUVs once. once they are presented in society.

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