Gordon Murray Group opens to develop electric vehicles for other manufacturers

The Gordon Murray Group is made up of two separate departments: Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) and Gordon Murray Technology (GMT). The future that awaits both divisions is hopeful, since there are not a few companies and vehicle manufacturers that have set their sights on them. Now, due to this generous attention, the group that makes up this company opens up the possibility of creating and developing new electric vehicles for other brandsboth in terms of design and in terms of technology.

At the beginning of this same month of June, the news was released that Gordon Murray was working on the development of two new electric SUVs. One of them will go to a major global automobile manufacturer of which, at the moment, more information is unknown in this regard. The second electric SUV model will be for its own marketing by the British brand. However, the work he is doing with that first electric model for a certain “internationally known manufacturer” has given Gordon Murray everything he needs to want to expand his services as a brand developer of electric cars for other companies.

Gordon Murray himself attributed a huge role to the technology department of the company, to which he predicts enormous success in the coming years. The capabilities of Gordon Murray Technologies include having among its ranks one of the most highly trained human teams in the entire automotive sector. Said highly qualified personnel appear fully capable of working on a basis for other clients developing electric vehicles, as well as their connectivity or, eventually, the technology for autonomous driving.

Currently the company is in “advanced talks with global automotive companies for future projects”, assured the creator of the brand. “Innovative projects are already in the pipeline and we have plans to further increase our influence in global vehicle development and manufacturing processes,” Gordon Murray himself concluded, emphasizing the significant progress Gordon Murray Group is taking as a vehicle development firm. electric vehicles and everything that revolves around them.

Gordon Murray's iStream Platform
Gordon Murray’s iStream Platform

Today, Gordon Murray Automotive is in the process of producing the two supercar models launched by the company, the T.50 and the T.33, to begin deliveries of the first units at the end of 2022. However, once the limited run of these models is over, the brand has plans for new jobs: “there is more exciting news to come.”

For his part, Philip Lee, the company’s executive director of growth monitoring and business performance, has admitted that the company is currently in a truly enviable state, as it is well financed, profitable and growing rapidly. This is derived from a very solid initial business plan focused on providing other companies with high technology and the development of electric vehicles based on the fundamental pillars of the company: lightness, technology, aerodynamics and elaborate handling. For this reason, the technology department of the firm (GMT) is now positioned as one of the models with the most future for the company itself.

Gordon Murray Group is currently in full expansion, and not only because of the high interest shown by other manufacturers in this company at the level of automotive and technological development, but also because of its own facilities. Both divisions of the group (GMT and GMA) are completing the construction process of their new headquarters, which will be based in Windlesham, United Kingdom, and which may open in 2024. The company is also currently looking for facilities in the United States as part of its international expansion. GMG has tripled in size in just two years, based on number of employees and revenue earned.

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