Gordon Murray gives the keys to his affordable electric SUV that “will change the perception of autonomy”

After its first two V12-powered sports cars, GMA plans to storm the mass market with three new electric cars designed around the same philosophy of light weight and high maneuverability of the T.50 and T.33.

This was announced by Gordon Murray himself, founder and CEO of GMA, at the last award ceremony of the British magazine Coachwhere the engineer has been recognized with the “Best Engineering” award for 2022.

Gordon Murray has always had a very particular vision about the design and engineering that underpins the car, and it is what has made him such a disruptive character in the industry. is this design philosophy the one that precisely wants to transfer to the new models that the company wants to manufacture in series.

The premises that most characterize all the models in which Murray has led the design are weight savings, a highly worked assembly, great aerodynamic efficiency and practicality and maneuverability above the usual among his rivals. The latter has even been able to apply it to its last two mid-engined sports cars.

“It cannot be correct that it becomes common to have family cars weighing 2.5 tons, and yet everyone goes for it, as manufacturers do. We believe there is a better way,” the engineer told Autocar about the current industry trend.

Gordon Murray next to the GMA T.50
Gordon Murray next to the GMA T.50.

GMA plans, on the one hand, to enter the private market with two Family electric SUVand on the other serve companies and professionals with a model focused on distribution, although it remains to be seen if it is an electric van different from the SUV, or a version of it with a commercial focus.

At the moment, Murray has only given a detail about each SUV. One of them will be a four-seater electric SUV with front-wheel drive that he describes as a compact and practical electric car, and not like a small urbanite. The second model will be a four-wheel drive five-seater, presumably larger but based on the same platform, called iStream.

The engineer has also commented that each of the three models is being designed taking into account that they will be marketed with a Accesible priceso based on Murray’s comments, these are models that will compete directly with others from general firms, perhaps even with the batch of affordable electric cars that the Volkswagen Group plans to manufacture in Spain through SEAT.

There are no estimated dates for mass production, although taking into account that the United Kingdom is one of the most advanced countries in terms of vetoing internal combustion and that GMA itself is carrying out a expansion plan of 300 million free budget that began in 2021 and should be extended until 2026it will be before this last date when the British firm has started the production of at least one of these models.

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