Google, the novelty of the 2nd generation of Harley Davidson’s Serial 1 electric bicycles

The brand Series 1 It emerged two years ago as a spin-off from Harley-Davidson’s electric bike division. Shortly after, he presented four models that until now formed its range aimed at urban cyclists and for those who occasionally venture beyond the asphalt. These early models were very well received thanks to an elegant design and high manufacturing quality. Now the company announces the second generationbased on its association with Google Cloud.

The first generation of Serial 1 bikes featured different features and performance. The entry model MOSH/CTY It had a 529 Wh battery and a range of 56 to 168 kilometers. The top of the range, the RUSH/CTY With a 706 Wh battery, it reached a range between 56 and 185 kilometers. In the middle were the RUSH/CTY Step Thru and the RUSH/CTY Step Overthe same model that only differed by the type of frame.

Now the company introduces the second generation in which the most important update (and almost the only one) is the implementation of the features offered by the new Serial 1 partner, Google Cloud. The news connectivity capabilities and a new USB-C cable under the handlebar that serves to charge the mobile are the novelties. It may not seem like much, but the truth is that the possibilities of connectivity open up new fields of applications.

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Serial 1’s CTY platform takes the connectivity of its electric bikes beyond Bluetooth technology by incorporating a sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) based device.

The collaboration with Google Cloud results in the launch of a completely new app for second generation electric bikes. Serial 1 is one of the first companies to integrate the new software solution Google Cloud Intelligent Product Essentials that enables predictive, proactive and intelligent functions “that drive a better experience for the cyclist”.

The new functions that are implemented consist largely of security services controlled through applications, the use of Google Maps for navigation and the collection of real data of the trip that is shown directly on the screen of the bicycle.

The other great novelty of this generation of electric bicycles is the permanent internet connection. Serial 1 explains that most e-bike apps can communicate via wireless technology only Bluetooth. This means that the most important features only work when in close proximity to another Bluetooth-enabled device. The Serial 1 CTY platform takes connectivity beyond Bluetooth technology by incorporating a sophisticated IoT (Internet of Things) based device. Thanks to it, it is possible to connect via mobile data and/or GPSwhich guarantees that it is possible to access the bicycle even from remotely.

The connectivity function allows, for example, locate the electric bike on a map in case of theft and receive automatic notifications when changes in your position occur. The app also offers the essential information when the rider is on their bike: speed, trip duration, distance, range, battery charge percentage, rider power and motor assist, and efficiency.

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In the second generation of Serial 1 electric bicycles, the assistance system and the components of the bicycles are maintained with respect to those already offered in the first generation.

The novelties in terms of hardware are limited to the aforementioned USB-C charging cable which is located on the handlebar and is used to recharge a mobile phone. The electrical assistance system and the components of the bicycles are maintained with respect to those already offered in the first generation: a Brose electric motor located in the middle positionon the bottom bracket hub, transmission by Gates carbon belt and a CVT automatic transmission.

In the US, all models support up to 20 mph, except for the RUSH/CTY SPEED available only there, which is classified as a class 3 bike and goes up to 28 mph. Prices there move between 3,799 and 4,999 dollarsyes The entire range of Serial 1 electric bicycles are sold at Harley-Davidson dealers in Western Europe. Therefore this second generation will also be available here, adapted in its technical characteristics to the European EPAC vehicle regulations.

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