Goodbye to the Swiss Geneva Motor Show: the 2023 edition will only be held in Qatar

We are at the end of an era. The world is changing very fast. With all eyes on a more than likely economic crisis, major events hang in the balance. Many of them have disappeared or will do so soon. Others look for new locations attracted by money and luxury. The 2023 Geneva Motor Show breaks with tradition. He bids farewell to traditional Swiss lands to fall into the arms of Qatar’s oil-based fortunes.

It is clear that the coming months are going to be tough economically. The tense situation in Eastern Europe is causing strategic moves that were unthinkable until now. Car manufacturers know that they are facing months of severe recession in which sales are going to fall continentally. Given this scenario, most of them seek to focus their economic resources on actions that represent a significant commercial return. The halls are no longer within those actions.

The Geneva Motor Show has been, until now, the great European automobile fair. For a week the Swiss city became the world epicenter of the motor world. Thousands of attendees, hundreds of brands and a great world showcase under the roofs of the Palexpo, the Geneva exhibition fair. Glorious times are left behind or change form or territory. With three editions already cancelled, the change of course is evident.

Audi e-tron GT and Audi e-tron Sportback at the Geneva Motor Show
The Geneva Motor Show has always been the favorite event for brands for major European presentations

It has never paid off for brands to go to Geneva. While the showcase was ideal, the expense was never worth the performance. The Swiss sample involved huge outlays for companies. Significant sums of money being watched after the scourge of a global pandemic and the more than evident crisis that is coming. Many brands had not confirmed their attendance at the fair, and fearing to be left with many empty stands, the organizers of the Geneva Motor Show have made the decision to emigrate to Qatari soil. Doha will be the new venue, at least in the 2023 edition.

The truth is that the change has not been taken by surprise, numerous rumors pointed to this possibility, and they have finally been confirmed. With everything ready for the celebration in February of next year, the new date is set for November 2023, in Doha, the capital. This important change implies that Europe is left an orphan of the great automobile fair, relegating the fundamental role to other events that until now have not managed to reach the popularity of the Swiss show, such as the Paris Motor Show, whose celebration is scheduled for next October.

In this way, Europe will no longer attend the launch of its own novelties in its own territory. Everyone expected a lot from the 2023 sample after three years of emptiness. Presentations of great importance were expected for the electricity market such as the Hyundai Ioniq 6, the Volkswagen ID.1, the Peugeot e-308 and many more. We do not know if the brands will ultimately choose to make the launches on Qatari soil, although the delay in the date of celebration does not comply with the programs initially set by the brands.

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