Giga Shanghai returns to normal while still affected by the Covid-19 outbreak

Tesla has spent several weeks of uncertainty and production stoppage at its Shanghai plant. The reason: a new outbreak of coronavirus. From the Government of China they put all their interest in guaranteeing the level of contagion zero in their country, something that has been able to affect many automobile companies based there abruptly. Tesla has suffered a total of 22 days without producing its electric vehiclessomething that they were able to resume from last April 19, although with conditions.

One of these conditions was to carry out a “closed circuit” with the 8,000 workers, who would not leave the vicinity of the factory in order to guarantee the bubble environment of those present there. According to reports from nearby sources, these workers slept on the floor in certain areas of the factory, had 12-hour shifts and six days a week. Now, from Tesla they want to recover normality but from the executive of the region they oppose this due to the risk of new infections. As an alternative, the American brand, has proposed creating two twelve-hour shifts and that workers be transferred to their homes, but the leaders refuse again. Nevertheless, Tesla is already working to offer staff decent accommodation with bedrooms and other services.

Since Bloomberg point out that after an intense negotiation between Tesla and the Chinese authorities, Giga Shanghai will continue with this closed circuit method, at least, until next June 13. For this reason, from the American firm, they would have presented multiple proposals for their workers to return to normality, something they have not achieved.

Giga Shanghai will resume the pace of 2,600 electric vehicles a day
Giga Shanghai will resume the pace of 2,600 electric vehicles a day

Alternatively, from Tesla they have also released a new somewhat more positive announcement and that is that as of today, Giga Shanghai is once again at 100% production levels and is already looking to break new manufacturing records for electric cars. Since the restart of work in the middle of last April, many were those who predicted a long battle to reach the previously marked production levels. Apparently this will not be the case and on Monday, May 23, the company released a statement assuring that its levels would be at 2,600 daily units as of this Tuesday, May 24.

In recent weeks, the factory has been able to work at levels of just 200 cars per day, when its production is estimated at at least 10 times more. This has been mainly due to the lack of supplies from third-party companies, which, in turn, have also been affected by the closure. In the past few days, Tesla has already started ramping up its manufacturing and On Monday, May 23, 1,000 electric cars manufactured in one day were reached.

It will be as of today, Tuesday, May 24, when Giga Shanghai resumes the rate of 2,600 units per day, which will mean a weekly level of 16,000 units and 800,000 electric vehicles per year. This directly directs the factory towards a new record where they are already seeking to reach -or at least approach- one million units manufactured in a year. All this, assuming that in the 22 days of closure, Tesla stopped manufacturing a total of 60,000 vehiclesa figure that they hope to recover in the coming weeks.

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