Giant presents an 800 Wh battery for electric bicycles: 40% more autonomy

Giant, one of the world’s largest manufacturers, has launched a new independent battery for electric bicycles, the EnergyPak Smart 800. With it, users of the brand itself and of liv (a second brand dedicated to selling women’s bicycles, they will be able to change their battery to update it to the new model and gain 40% autonomy.

The EnergyPak Smart 800 It has been developed by the Taiwanese manufacturer in collaboration with Panasonic. Inside the battery are packed 22700 cells of high density manufactured by the Japanese firm. Thanks to the collaboration of both companies, the result is a battery that occupies the same space and presents the same forms than previous batteries, so a higher capacity is achieved in a single package.

In this way one achieves a full frame integrationin addition to the possibility of remove the battery to recharge it outside the bicycle in any domestic socket. It also offers a security locking system so that no one can remove it when the bike is parked.

Having the same dimensions as the previous generation batteries, EnergyPak Smart 500 and 625, is easily interchangeable with them. But that’s not all, because Giant had an ace up his sleeve. The battery is not only compatible with current generation brand electric mountain bikes, but also with a large number of earlier electric bikes both Giant branded and Liv branded, Giant’s line of women’s bikes.

According to the brand, with this new battery, users who currently have an EnergyPak Smart 500, which, as its name suggests, has a capacity of 500 hours, can see their autonomy increased by 40% simply swapping this out for the EnergyPak Smart 800.

Giant EnergyPak Smart 800 electric bike battery-inside
The battery is not only compatible with the current generation brand e-mountain bikes, but also a large number of older e-bikes from both the Giant brand and the Liv brand, Giant’s line of women’s bikes.

Giant’s new battery is among the highest capacity on the market without resorting to external range extender batteries that are usually placed in the bottle cage. For example, the BMZ V10 Intube battery specially designed to be integrated into the down tube offers 725Wh of capacity and guarantees, according to its manufacturer, electric assistance to the cyclist for more than 100 kilometers. The top-of-the-range battery from the German manufacturer Bosch is the Bosch Power Tube 750, whose capacity is 750Wh

One of the most notable features of the EnergyPak Smart 800 is the no memory effectwhich allows it to be recharged at any time, regardless of the existing charge level, without causing a degradation of its total capacity.

Includes a EnergyPak Smart 6A charger, with which an 80% charge can be made in just three hours. To preserve battery integrity and lifespan, charging to 100% will be a slower process, taking up to five hours and fifty minutes. The charger also includes a automatic charging function very useful that allows the battery to be charged up to 60% when the bicycle is going to be stored for a long period of time, which allows it to be protected from deep discharge during this period. Lastly, the aluminum protective casing It insulates it from inclement weather, shocks and eliminates the risk of overheating.

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