Ghost Path Riot: a trail-type electric bike with a carbon frame and a “conventional” design

Ghost is a German bicycle manufacturer that has just demonstrated its know-how with the presentation of an electric mountain bike that has lightness as its main hallmark. This is the Ghost Path Riot, a trail-type e-bike that weighs just over 17.5 kilos in its limited version as the main data on its technical sheet.

It is a model that comes from the hand of a conventional variant, that is, without electrical assistance, but since both models use the new Fazua Ride 60 engine, the manufacturer has been able to shape a geometry in which it is really difficult note that we are dealing with an electric bicycle because of the compactness of the propeller.

Both models have the same carbon frame as a starting point and as the main driver of the weight figure. In the case of the electric version, the lightest assembly, the LTD, marks 17.5 kilos on the scale, while the lightest Ghost Riot, the Full Party, does the same at 15.05 kg.

Gosth Path and Gosth Path Riot.
Ghost Path and Ghost Path Riot.

The electrical system that provides assistance to pedaling is beginning to be well known in the sector. As mentioned, it is the Fazua Ride 60, which in addition to the usual 250 W of nominal power in Europe, contributes to pedaling with 60 Nm of torque, which is not the highest figure on the market, but taking into account its weight and volume, it is a fact really achieved.

The battery from which it is powered does not seem particularly large either, since it offers a capacity of 430 Wh, but again, if it had used a higher capacity, the weight figure achieved would not be the same. It should, however, be enough to complete a route of several hours with a full charge without abusing too much assistance.

Ghost Riot.
Ghost Riot.

Another of the best attributes of the Ghost Path Riot lies in its suspension scheme, because in any of the three mounts it offers, its manufacturer is the renowned American company FOX. Depending on the chosen assembly, both the fork and the central shock absorber models will vary, but all of them have in common the travel they offer in the central shock absorber, with 140 millimeters of travel, while the front fork will vary between 150 or 160 millimeters.

Prices and availability of Ghost Path Riot and Riot in Spain

With such a deployment of components behind it, it was expected that none of the assemblies of this new Ghost series would be especially affordable, although it seems in any case of prices according to technology.

As the brand has specified, it will not be until 2023 when the purchase of any of the models can be made, which will be available from autumn.

  • Ghost Path Riot Advanced (Fazua Ride 60) – €7,000
  • Ghost Path Riot Full Party (Fazua Ride 60) – €8,500
  • Ghost Path Riot LTD (Fazua Ride 60) – €10,000
  • Ghost Riot Trail 150/140 Pro – €4,999
  • Ghost Riot Trail 150/140 Full Party – €5,499
  • Ghost Riot Trail 160/140 Pro – €4,999
  • Ghost Riot Trail 160/140 Full Party – €5,599

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