General Motors justifies what is the reason for the high emissions of the Hummer EV

Just a couple of days ago, an independent study revealed that the Hummer EV is one of the most polluting electric vehicles in the world. The ACEEE (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy) put the mark on the excessive and huge electric SUV, the first battery-powered model of the company. It seems that the data of the study have not finished liking in the offices of GMC and for that reason, General Motors has come to the fore justifying the main reason for the very high emissions generated by the Hummer EV.

The main argument used by the company is that the Hummer is a car focused on high performance. Its size, weight and performance have nothing to do with frugality, savings or sustainability. The electric beast is made according to the purest American concept of bigger, better. It is clear that as an electric it does not make any sense, but there are many cars in this world that are not born with a logical sense. This is one of them, what happens is that until now we had not seen something like this moved by batteries.

To make a little memory, the ACEEE is a non-profit association that has been seeking a cleaner and more sustainable world since the 1980s. In their study they show that although electric vehicles do not pollute absolutely anything during their circulation, they do generate emissions at different points in their life cycle. In the United States, it is estimated that 60% of energy is generated by burning fossil fuels, which, as you know, is anything but sustainable.. Taking this data and the particular data of the Hummer EV into account, the result is that the SUV generates more CO2 emissions per kilometer than an average sedan with a combustion engine.

Nothing in the Hummer EV is focused on low consumption or frugal data

And it is that you only have to look at the Hummer technical sheet to realize that, as General Motors says, it is a car made to be as absurd as it is spectacular.. Weighing 4,110 kilograms, the 212.7 kWh capacity battery alone weighs an exaggerated 1,326 kilograms., the same as a conventional utility. Despite that, the electric Hummer manages to do 0 to 100 km/h in just three seconds and generate more than 1,000 horsepower. Its autonomy is not bad, approximately 530 kilometers.

The problem comes at the time of the emissions generated both in the manufacture of the car itself, as well as the battery, in addition to the recharges taking into account the average American energy mix. The ACEEE estimates the emissions of the Hummer EV at 212 grams of CO2 per kilometer. More than many cars sold in Europe, but less than many high-performance sports cars. General Motors ensures that customers know what they are buying and that they don’t seem to care. This is the United States, a two-sided coin: sustainability with high consumption.

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