General Motors does not have an end date for heat engines in some brands

Europe has been blunt: from the year 2035 the sale of vehicles with thermal mechanics is prohibited. This has not happened in the United States, where a conglomerate of enormous depth such as General Motorsdoes not have a specific date for the end of thermal engines in some of its brandsamong which are Chevrolet or GMC.

General Motors, according to the latest reports, is planning its return to Europe thanks to its range of fully electric models that will arrive in its ranks in the coming years. Cadillac, meanwhile, will be one of the companies that stands out in this return to the old continent, since its range will be made up entirely of electric cars from the year 2030. Other firms such as Hummer or Chevrolet could also do the same with its “zero emission” vehicles. However, these will be the higher end models, as those of access to the range will continue to prioritize the use of gasoline.

One of these brands will be Chevrolet, which is one of the best-selling in the North American country and which does not have a complete electrification date. Mary Barra herself, executive director of General Motors, has spoken about this fact, pointing out that this will be 100% electric once the rate of consumer adoption is increasing, they are experienced and educated in the use of electrification and, finally, they decide to make the change. The same will happen with the GMC firm, made up entirely of SUV or off-road models.

photo - The electric Cadillac Lyriq could be a great asset for business in Europe
Despite this, brands like Cadillac are already pointing to a 100% electric range in the coming years.

The American automobile group hopes to have a total of 30 100% electric models on sale worldwide by 2026. Cadillac, for its part, will only keep alive in its range a single model equipped with a thermal engine, the Cadillac Escalade, which is presented as an icon of the brand and one of the best-selling models on American soil.

The decision of the General Motors board of directors not to eliminate electrical mechanics would be supported by the fact that “There are citizens who could not have the same access to recharging or a lifestyle compatible with electric models”, they assured; For this reason, they believe that the companies that have the most depth within the general panorama should continue with their current program, although, in parallel, continuing with the development of certain electric models within their range, such as the confirmed electric Chevrolet Corvette, among others.

The long-awaited return of General Motors to Europe is not yet known when it will take place exactly, since the company’s board has not given a specific date. However, the many launches of electric models portend that this could occur sometime during the second half of this decade. Models like the recently launched Chevrolet Blazer EV or the Cadillac Lyriq make this step feel closer to reality. These could compete directly with other electric vehicles from the American market, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E or the Tesla Model Y.

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