GasGas launches a Yamaha-powered e-MTB that aims to offer the agility of a traditional MTB

GasGas launches a new electric bicycle on the market with which they intend to offer an intermediate point in terms of agility with respect to a traditional electric mountain bike. This is the GasGas G Light Trail 3.0, and it comes with a geometry specifically designed for it and several solutions designed to be lighter.

As specified by the Spanish firm itself, the new G Light Trail 3.0 offers a own handling and agility closer to a classic mountain bike while providing the pedaling power of a pedal-assist bike. And it is that, as we well know, both the motor and the battery of an electric bicycle end up adding a few kilos of weight to the whole, making it ultimately heavier and more clumsy than an equivalent bicycle.

GasGas announces that it has managed to reduce the weight below 20 kilos, to 19.4 kilos, more concretely. A figure that is between 3 and 5 kilos lighter than that of a high-end electric mountain bike.

The main factors responsible for this weight figure are, on the one hand, a geometry articulated around a carbon fiber frame that on the scale marks only 2.8 kilos, while on the other hand, the electrical diagram that Yamaha has provided for the occasion has also been designed to be light. The new Yamaha AirDrive electric motor weighs 2.9 kilos and delivers the maximum 250 W of nominal power allowed in Europe, complemented by 50 Nm of torque.

GasGas G Trail Light 3.0.
The GasGas G Trail Light 3.0 will only be available in black.

The battery, for its part, has seen its capacity cut with respect to what is usual in electric mountain bikes, with 410Wh, when for example the Cannondale Moterra Neo that was presented last week reaches 750 Wh.

As for its cycle part, Formula Cura 4 brakes with four-piston calipers, a 150-millimeter RockShox Pike Ultimate fork and a RockShox Deluxe Ultimate central spring stand out, while the transmission is provided by Shimano, who provides the new G Light Trail 3.0 on a twelve-speed Shimano XTR.

As the Spanish firm has announced, the GasGas G Light Trail 3.0 is now available in Spain, and is priced at €7,499.

GasGas is part of the Austrian business group Pierer Mobility AG, and another firm belonging to the consortium also presented another electric bicycle yesterday; the Husqvarna MC6, a leading electric bicycle that stands out from what is seen now in terms of geometry design and aesthetics.

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