GAC Space Concept, the luxury minivan powered by hydrogen

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) has unveiled its latest concept model, a luxury minivan with a propulsion system based on the hydrogen fuel cell. Its presentation has been carried out at the event called “GAC Tech Day” in which the company of Chinese origin shows the technology that it has within its reach and that which could reach the market in the coming years.

Externally, the Space Concept takes the lines of a large minivan with high work on active and passive aerodynamicslarge wheels and very flat general surfaces with which to improve the channeling of air when running.

The exterior design of the Space Concept draws powerful attention

Its front powerfully draws attention for its futuristic and very risky lines. In this area it houses a kind of decorative grill with illuminated vertical and horizontal slats that the company calls “illuminated waterfall”. On said radiator grille is the company logo, also with backlighting.

The profile line sharpens the feeling of a highly aerodynamic vehicle, with a very short front hood, a very steep front window and a very extended rear half, which is inspired by traditional chinese architecture, according to its creators, where they point to a generous space for its occupants. For access to the passenger compartment, two doors with different openings have been adapted, one traditional for the front occupants, as well as a much more generous “gull-wing” type opening.

The rear, on the other hand, is made up of a new access gate and through which a comfortable and practical designer sofa is extracted for the “Tea Time Lounge”, as the brand calls it, and this is nothing more than an area in which its users can relax and enjoy a cup of tea outdoors and in the most comfortable way possible. The space where this armchair is stored is lined with wood and top quality materials. throughout the model natural lighting and exterior visibility have been prioritized through a large glazed area.

Your sofa destined for the “Tea Time Lounge”

Once inside, the model has clearly focused on the capabilities and skills of an autonomous car in which it is hardly necessary to use its controls. The entire cabin is conceived to be a huge mobile roomwith two large and comfortable armchairs that can be rotated 360 degrees, a small central table and a large sofa located in the back of the space.

The cabin has been designed taking inspiration from “a popular activity among ancient Chinese intellectuals who usually sat by a winding stream and composed poems”, as its designer described it during the launch event. In this space the Top quality materials and a high degree of design They take center stage. On the sides, the Baiyun Mountain and the Pearl River, both famous places in the province of Guangzhou, in China, have been represented. Passengers will be able to regulate the intensity and color of ambient lighting through various modes in which the interior atmosphere will change.

The cabin is presented as a luxury saloon

The dashboard is made up of three generous built-in screens and a yoke-style steering wheel for when you have to take control of the vehicle. Its exterior mirrors are camera type and the brand promises a level 4 level of autonomous driving. From the brand No specific details about its hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system have been revealed., so we will have to wait for new details that the firm will present soon. The GAC Space Concept houses lines, technology and certain details that will reach production models in the coming years.

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