Future Opel models will be “more distinctive”, according to the brand’s chief designer

Future Opel and Vauxhall models will be more distinctive as the company seeks to establish itself in its own niche market under the banner and vehicle design concept bold and pure“. This has been confirmed by Mark Adams, chief designer of the firm, who has sought give a little twist to the image of Opel through some more striking lines and based on the already released Opel Vizor.

The current image that incorporates the new Opel models, such as the Mokka-e or the Astra, was already advanced by the Opel GT X Experimental concept model in 2018. This design will be gradually introduced in all the models signed by the brand for years to come.

The chief designer of the brand stated that the design presented by the Opel and Vauxhall of the previous generation needed a major update, because “they felt old, dusty and too conventional”, as the person in charge called them. With this generational renewal, the models feel “more daring and audacious”, adjectives that will soon be transferred to the models that are yet to come. Among the renovations that will house this design is the current Opel Corsa-e.

“Until now the brand has felt very boring,” said Adams, “this is something that will take us a long time to remove from public perception and make Opel/Vauxhall a completely new brand.” The acquisition of the company by Stellantis (then called PSA) was really good for the German brand, because This provided a number of freedoms for vehicle design that had not been available during its period under the umbrella of General Motors. Barely a year after its acquisition, Opel was already a profitable brand, something that the designer directly attributes to a lack of aesthetic originality.

At Opel they believe that the good results obtained so far are just the beginning and that the electrification of its new vehicles is a vitally important step to give the firm a more current, groundbreaking, young and technological image. “You can destroy a brand overnight, but it’s very difficult to get it to where you want to be,” Adams said, emphasizing the rejuvenation work the company is doing.

The %22Opel Vizor%22 will be the most emblematic design feature of the brand
The Opel Vizor will be the brand’s most iconic design feature

The so-called Opel Vizor has been of considerable importance in giving Opel the personality that they have been looking for for a long time. Adams assured that all the models that have not yet received this design, as well as the vehicles that are yet to come, will take on this distinctive appendage, although in a particular way in each of the cars.

As to why the current Opel Corsa-e did not incorporate this design, it was mainly because the team began to work on the renewal of the model immediately after the acquisition of the brand by Stellantis (PSA), so it has not yet they had been able to work on the new image that the Opel models later incorporated.

Regarding the future positioning of the brand, Adams stated that they will continue to grow in the coming years, since “there are still many aspirations to be achieved.” From Opel/Vauxhall they hope to promote certain more passionate qualities, but always keeping their historical DNA intact even beyond the year 2028, when the brand aspires to be 100% electric. The fundamental pillars of the firm are based on the good reception of the Mokka and the Astra, although “strong things are coming that will drive us even more”.

During his speech, the chief designer was questioned about the possible launch of the Opel Manta as an electric coupé crossover, to which the person in charge replied that he is fully aware of the history of the brand and all that this implies, but that your team will not create retro models. This is due to the huge interest shown by fans during the presentation of the Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD last year 2021. “Our focus is on the future and it is where we are going”.

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