From Baidu they affirm that their autonomous technology is superior to that of Tesla

Baidu, the main Internet search engine in China, presented a few days ago its new electric and autonomous model, the so-called Apollo RT6. However, the eastern company has returned to the fore after recent statements by its executive president, where he has stated that in the development of advanced driving technologies, surpassing Tesla is their goal, something that, he added, they have already achieved.

Robin Li has been the one who has made these statements during an interview in which he was asked about the technology that equips, and will equip, the models of Jidu Auto, the automotive company that is owned by Baidu. According to the manager, this is already a generation ahead of the one currently used by the North American brand Tesla.

“Our understanding of vehicles is that being electric is the semi-final, while being smart is the final,” the manager said in his statement. To this, Li referred to many companies in the automotive sector that seek the electrification of their range as a definitive step, while they affirm that they have already crossed that barrier and are one step ahead of the rest.

In Jidu Auto’s current plans lies the power deliver up to 800,000 units of its intelligent vehicles by 2028 and expand its Robotaxi services to more than 100 cities in China. Additionally, by 2024 they also hope to launch a second mass-produced model.

The DeepWay Xingtu is the electric and autonomous truck project
The DeepWay Xingtu is Baidu’s subsidiary brand autonomous electric truck project

Earlier this year, Baidu unveiled its first heavy-duty electric truck named Xingtu designed by Pininfarina through the DeepWay brand. This vehicle has a set of batteries with an energy capacity of 450 kWh and is capable of exceeding 300 kilometers of autonomy on a single charge. From the company they influence the search for the total autonomy of their vehicles, since this truck also has an advanced set of cameras and sensors, such as infrared detectors, LiDAR sensors or millimeter wave radars.

Baidu, as the company managing all these projects, has a lot of technology to enhance the autonomy of its vehicles. With this, as confirmed by their manager, they are currently capable of surpassing Tesla in these capacities. This has been evident in its latest launch, the Apollo RT6, which will provide service through the Apollo Go robotaxis company, which already provides service in 10 Chinese cities and has exceeded one million trips.

One of the most distinctive and particular elements of their models is the widespread use of LiDAR sensors on key points of its bodywork. In comparison, Elon Musk has repeatedly denied using devices of this type on his models, despite the fact that most of the automobile industry is betting on them as an essential element when it comes to achieving total autonomy for the next generation of cars. electric cars.

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