Four motors, high-density batteries and unique software: this will be the Mercedes EQG

The electric range of Mercedes continues its expansion. The German company is already considered one of the references in the electric market, but the brand’s ambitious plans include launches as impressive as the Mercedes EQG. The electric brother of the iconic G-Class will be a pioneer in the industry. Its development is already underway and thanks to this we can begin to know the first technical details of what this electric off-road beast will be like.

Those from Stuttgart have taken a great risk with the EQG. Replacing the Mercedes G-Class and converting it to electric is taking a very important step. Although you don’t see many G-Classes on the road, the off-roader has become the most coveted accessory for the world’s famous and wealthy. Its imposing appearance is less and less associated with off-road driving, but despite this, it still has qualities that are difficult to surpass by its competition.

The long-awaited electric version, the Mercedes EQG, has been confirmed for 2025. Mercedes has given itself a lot of room to develop a product that is called to change some of the rules of the game. The Germans are preparing a battalion of technical innovations for what will be the most spectacular model in their EQ range. Unlike other units such as the Mercedes EQS SUV, the EQG will feature many custom elements, from the engines to the chassis, including the battery structure.

Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG Mercedes-Benz Concept EQG
The Mercedes EQG will be at the top of the pedestal of electric SUVs

The Mercedes EQG will have a base that combines the traditional with the modern. A chassis capable of coping with typical offroad driving, but also capable of housing a new generation of batteries. With a high silicon content, the EQG batteries will be among the highest density in the world, being able to generate between 20 and 40% more energy density, surpassing the barrier of 800 Wh/l. Reducing the weight of the battery is essential, otherwise the EQG could exceed the three-ton weight barrier, which in turn would pose a serious problem for autonomy.

Mercedes wants to reduce the size of the battery, but increase its capacity to offer enough electric range to be able to go out into the field without problems and to act like a conventional car. Although range estimates have not surfaced, the presence of four electric motors has been reported. New generation axial flow blocks that improve performance and features. Nor have power data been leaked, but strong figures are expected, greater than 500 horses.

Project sources have informed Autocar that the EQG will be particular even in the control software. The engineers are working hard to make the electric offroader capable of mimicking the triple diff lock showing the thermal model. Something absolutely essential to tackle difficult terrain with ease. The surprises will be many, including the ability to turn on itself in the style of tanks. Little by little we will learn more details and news, which will surely be quite a few.

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