Forget the cable: Meredot launches a wireless charger for electric scooters

Electric scooters have been a real boom in recent years; cities throughout Spain have been filled with these contraptions that have required specific regulation by the authorities. The usual thing after using them is to charge them at home (perhaps also at work) with their charger and the corresponding one, but what if we gain comfort by using wireless chargers?

In this task is Meredot, a Latvian developer and manufacturer of wireless chargers for electric scooters, which has just presented its first commercial wireless charger. Is about a kind of mat that can be placed on the surface or hidden under the ground. At a shallow depth, it is capable of loading the scooter in question with full solvency. Just place the scooter on the mat and charging starts automatically.

The contraption is designed, say its creators, to shared use scooter fleets. According to Meredot, their wireless charging mats are compatible with scooters from all major shared mobility fleets like Lime, Bird, Bolt, etc. without the need to make changes to the batteries of the scooter. Unlike wireless charging in electric cars, Meredot says electric scooters using this technology don’t require manufacturers to build the technology into the vehicle itself, but rather the company will install small devices called “receivers” on the scooters at the facility. operator.

Although the mats were initially conceived for shared use scooters, in statements to Electrive the brand has confirmed that the platform can also recharge electric scooters, food delivery robots and motorized wheelchairs. In the future, the Latvian company will add the possibility of charging electric bicycles wirelessly.

The charging system includes the hardware for the pads and the “receiver” that attaches to the electric scooters, as well as the software that allows operators to have all the information about which of their scooters are being charged, how much and when. Meridot’s technology also features foreign object detection, live object detection and position detection.

The latter allows the scooters to be parked in any way and continue charging at the same speed as they charge with cables, according to the manufacturer. Meridot claims that the wireless charging mat can work under asphalt, snow or ice. The outside temperature is not a problem either: the charging system should, in theory, work at temperatures between -30° and 50°C.

According to Roman Bysko, CEO and co-founder of Meredot, “Meredot’s wireless charger can become an infrastructural foundation for a new micromobility charging experience that benefits both operators and users.” Bysko has also highlighted that the first clients, City Zone (Israel) and Zone Move (Italy) have been fundamental in moving the project forward. Meredot claims that its Wireless charger is already on sale, although there are no details on the price.

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