Ford supports the decision of the European Union on the ban of thermal cars in 2035

Since Ford The European executive has launched an order as in accordance with the regulations on the prohibition of vehicles with thermal engines from the year 2035. From the American brand they would have already put their road map on track in this sense, so their interests would already have ceased to be the production of gasoline engines for that moment. However, in parallel they also present a series of petitions.

Ford has already launched its first pure electric models, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-e or the Ford E-Transit that we were able to meet in person a few months ago. New models recently announced will follow, such as the electric Ford Puma or the Ford E-Transit Custom. These last two will presumably reach the market in the year 2024. As we can see, the Michigan company is already clear about its future goals, and that is that the announcement by the European Union about banning the production and sale of thermal cars in our region It has not caught the brand by surprise who already pointed to a gradual elimination of these mechanics even before crossing the barrier of the year 2030.

Now, Ford has launched an appeal to the rest of the companies in order to support this measure that was so questioned months ago, but supported or assumed in recent weeks. This call has been made in pursuit of accelerating the electrification of the entire European mobile fleetboth for passenger cars and for vans or trucks.

However, Ford has also launched a request to the European Union, and that is that if they decide to electrify the entire mobile fleet -as they will obviously do-, the American company believes that a significant deployment of appropriate infrastructure is required for this purposeas our region is currently in dire need of charging stations for the widespread adoption of electric cars.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was the brand's original electric model in Europe
The Ford Mustang Mach-E was the brand’s original electric model in Europe

Ford has asked the European Union that, in addition to the execution forever of the thermal cars, also establish some mandatory objectives and regulations to carry out the different own facilities for their good reception by the citizens themselves. Since the signing of the oval they have not detailed what these criteria could be, however, a report recently released by Ernst and Young suggested that Europe will need more than 65 million working electric car chargers by 2035with an eye on being able to meet the demand for these vehicles.

Ford representatives assure that there must be an important change in terms of quality and capacity of the charging network for these vehicles, additionally if the executive herself wants to reach net emissions by the year 2050. From the brand they have already put all the meat in the grill regarding their plans to launch electric vehicles in the coming years, for this reason they ask the European Union for a commitment in this regard.

Specifically, Ford and 24 other companies have launched this request to Europe to establish a series of clear standards that revolve around electric cars and their own infrastructure, whether public or private. All with the clear objective of directing and facilitating the adoption of these vehicles in the coming years, since there will come a time when their acceptance will be mandatory. As we say, brands such as Ford, Mercedes, Audi or BMW, among others, would have already signed their decision not to launch or develop more thermal engines before the year 2030, so by the year 2035 they expect these vehicles to be a complete reality. for the entire population.

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