Ford Supervan returns: the brand prepares a radical E-Transit for Goodwood

Ford has seen in its electric range a great marketing tool. While their first electrics are at the top of the rating tables, the Americans are preparing more models and exceptional units for the enjoyment of the eyes only. with a background marquetinian very important, Ford will attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​next week with a unique proposal. A high performance electric van developed by the Ford Performance division.

Yes, as you are reading it. Ford wants to land in the gardens of Lord March with all his electrical arsenal to make clear his intentions for the future, but what we did not imagine is that the craziest and most exclusive creation would come from Ford Pro and Ford Performance. Although it is more than clear what the Performance family is dedicated to, for those who do not know, Ford Pro was born as the exclusive brand for industrial vehicles, vans and pick-ups.

To all this we must add the extra factor of electrification. Ford Performance and Jim Farley, CEO of the company, have already made it clear that the exceptional creature created to travel the barely 1,860 meters of ascent will be electric. So we have Ford’s craziest division, a van and electric technology. What can be? A small introductory video serves as a guide to intuit what the Americans are working on.

The years 1971, 1984, 1994 are not random.. If we take a look at the newspaper library we see that those years coincide with exceptional presentations: the Supervan. In a complete and utter moment of madness, Ford thought it was a good idea to create a supervan with mighty V8 petrol engines from the Ford GT racing at Le Mans. In 1971, the Supervan 1 was presented. Not content with one, two more madnesses followed one another over the years, specifically in 1984 and 1994.

In 2022 we will return to that history of the Supervan, but we will do it in a different way. Ford Pro has recently launched the Ford E-Transit, the first electric model in the industrial family. On the basis of this unit, a high-performance electric prototype with great modifications will be created that promises to leave everyone with their mouths open. Where will the development come from? Well, from one of Ford Performance’s creations. It won’t be the first time they’ve done something like this.

If we look once again at the past, this time it is not necessary to go back more than a couple of years. In 2020 Ford introduced a Mustang Mach-e with seven electric motors and 1,400 horsepower. A true madness that allowed the Americans to take the first steps on the path of the most extreme and electrified sportsmanship. Although they do not use the same structure, it is clear that the Supervan 4, the first electric, will be radical. The good thing is that you won’t have to wait long to see it. The festival starts next Thursday, June 23.

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