Ford Ranger Lightning, it is confirmed that Ford’s electric pick-up will arrive in Europe

It was an open secret, but until it became official we couldn’t count on it. Although Ford has not come out to declare with great fanfare his arrival at dealerships, it has been confirmed unofficially the arrival of the ford ranger lightning. A medium pick-up in electric format that will also be available for the European market. There is still a lot of data to know, but its arrival would be expected throughout 2024.

In recent months the rumor of an electric version of the Ford Ranger has been gaining weight. Those from Michigan assured that their fleet of electric pick-ups would be extended, although they did not give details of which models would have those versions. The electrical transformation of the segment has already begun and it will affect each and every one of the models in the house, including the Maverick as well. The Ford F-150 Lightning has opened a season to which more units will soon be added, including the Ranger, its most global and smallest pick-up.

Europe will enjoy it in a few years, just as we can also enjoy the electric version of the Volkswagen Amarok, the twin model of the American. Germans and Americans have gone hand in hand in the development of the new pick-ups and what we see in one will be replicated in the other. Volkswagen already confirmed last week that there would be an electric version of the Amarok, so it was only a matter of time before the Americans did the same with the Ford Ranger.

The Volkswagen Amarok has been the first to confirm the 100% electric version.

To prevent anyone from getting ahead of them, Ford has applied to the European Union Trademark Registry for the specific name of the Ranger Lightning, the same surname already used by its older sister the F-150. As if the name were not clear enough, the request record also specifies the condition of electric within the category selected in the record. As we have already said, it is not an official announcement, but it is quite clear that its arrival is more than certain.

What Ford has not registered in Europe is the name Thunderalthough it has been filed with the United States patent office. The information shuffles that this is the nomenclature decided by Ford for the plug-in hybrid versions of the F-150, Maverick and Ranger, his trident of trucks. All three will offer thermal, plug-in hybrid and electric versions, although only on the American continent. In Spain and Europe we will enjoy the normal and Ranger units, in addition to the Lightning format.

Now the question that arises is what that electric Ranger will be like that we will see in a few years circulating around Europe. If we take the F-150 as a reference, we should expect a very resolute pick-up with a wide load capacity and a very varied mechanical offer. The category of electric pick-ups is encouraged thanks mainly to American brands, Europe is not as prone to this type of vehicle, but a change in mobility may open the door to more exports.

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