Ford Performance and Ford Pro prepare an “electrifying” launch for Goodwood

Year after year, the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​has become the place of pilgrimage for countless fans and motor lovers. There, each edition brings together hundreds of models of all kinds, from high-value classics to handcrafted vehicles, all of which come with the excuse of showing off their times on the climb up the hill. Nevertheless, the massive and international event is also beginning to make a name for itself as a showcase for the presentation of modelsin true auto show style, with the exception that these innovations also carry out their own timing.

In the last hours, Ford has confirmed the presentation of a new specific model for Goodwood and which will be signed by Ford Performance, the most performance and sports division of the American oval firm. However, this announcement has come hand in hand with the statement that “Something electrifying is coming to Goodwood”. In other words, from here you can expect the presentation of a specific conceptual model as a design exercise for such an event, or the arrival of a new high-performance electric model on the market.

Other brands have already admitted that Goodwood will serve as a showcase to present new models, such is the case of the BMW M3 Touring, or the Lexus Electrified Sport, which will be presented for the first time in public in its concept model form; this will be the first glimpse of what we will know in a few years as an electric sports vehicle and spiritual substitute for the Lexus LFA. Now Ford joins this club of models presented on the English event.

What Ford will present is a complete mystery. Since posting on your official twitter account, the American brand presents a racing helmet with Ford Performance lettering and the Goodwood event logo; however, it also adds the Ford Pro badges to the aforementioned helmet, as well as the date that said presentation will take place (June 23, 2022).

Ford Pro has already shown great progress in the electrification of the brand’s vans, such as the Ford E-Transit that we have recently been able to test, as well as other models that are yet to come. The seal of union between both departments (Ford Pro and Ford Performance) may result in the presentation of a high-performance electric van, although until the arrival of the event all this is nothing more than mere speculation.

During the short footage posted by Ford on Twitter, you can see a strip of white LED light that crosses the entire width of a vehicle. Due to the shapes it shows, it is most likely the new Ford E-Transit Custom, which was presented publicly in the first images a month ago. In that case, it would be the first time that this model can be seen openly. However, it is more than likely that Ford will give this electric van a twist as it will also have the Ford Performance seal.

As we say, until the opening day of the English event, everything is mere speculation. This will start next Thursday June 23, while its closing will take place a few days later, on Sunday, June 26. This is an event open to the public and for which you will only have to purchase access tickets, which are available at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​official website.

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