Ford follows Tesla and will sell its electric cars only through the internet

After separating its sales business into two distinct lines, Ford Blue for combustion, including hybrids and Ford Model efor its electric cars, now the oval brand announces that these will only be sold online. With a sales model very similar to that of Tesla and for which other brands will also opt, Ford will eliminate the disparate prices offered by dealers for the same product, fixing both the price and the corresponding offer. He has been its CEO, Jim Farleyin charge of explaining this new sales strategy as well as announcing the development of a new electric car dedicated to mobility platforms like Uber or Lyft.

as collected USATodayDuring a conference in the United States, Farley assured that Ford will go “at a non-negotiable price, to 100% online sales. There will be no inventory, they will go directly to the consumer with a 100% remote delivery”. In this way, the firm eliminates price diversity that today is a buyer when purchasing a vehicle. An offer that what it really generates is competition between the brand’s own dealers.

According to Farley, the dealers’ role will be improve the offer of competitors, showing your product and explaining its advantages over other competing models. In addition, they also add sales capacity. “I think our vendors can do it, but the standards are going to be brutal, I think it’s going to be very different than it is today,” he added.

jim farley ford electric cars sale internet-interior
Ford CEO Jim Farley with the Ford F-150 Lightning. Image: Reuters.

The model that Ford opts for is not the usual among traditional manufacturers, who have always entrusted their distribution network to dealers. This strategy, however, generates a complex market for the buyer, who can find very different prices for the same product within this network. Until now, only the Swedish brand Volvo, owned by the Chinese group Geely, had announced its intention to switch to a digital sales model as part of its plans to sell only electric cars in 2030. This will be done by smart, also owned by Geely, which in In a few months, it will also transform its way of selling cars to do so solely through an e-commerce platform. All its models will have a single price that will be billed from smart, with the dealers becoming agents who will show the product and help the customer with everything they need.

In addition Ford also prepare a new model of electric car specially developed for mobility platforms, Uber and Lyft, for which it anticipates that they will be an important ally in the future. In Europe, Renault has just presented the Mobilize Limo, specifically designed for this type of company

Ford’s commitment to electric cars is taking shape as the decisions that the firm has been making in recent months become known. At the ‘Ford Europe: Spring 2022’ event, the company advanced its strategy for the European market, which includes the introduction of three new cars and four new commercial vehicles in the European market. Also known is the support of the brand for the proposal to ban the sale of cars with combustion engines in Europe in 2035.

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