For less than 30,000 euros, the MG4 will be the most affordable electric compact you can buy

The new electric MG4 is getting closer to reaching Spanish dealers and starting to roll on our roads. Although there are still a few months to come, MG has already reservations open in Spain of his new electric car and has left us the first clue about the MG4 price for the Spanish market. A price that, as in the rest of the brand’s models, will be truly competitive.

The MG4 can already be booked in Spain and it does so, in addition, offering certain advantages for the first customers who decide on this model. It is what the brand has called ‘Priority Delivery List’, something that more and more manufacturers do in one way or another. In the case of MG, the reservation of an MG4 can be done by giving a 400 euro sign (refundable in case of withdrawal) and the first customers will enjoy various incentives.

Customers on the ‘priority delivery list’ will have free top-ups worth 350 euros, which can be enjoyed within a maximum of 1 year from the registration of the vehicle. They will also have free maintenance for the first 3 years or 72,000 kilometers (whatever happens before) in the network of official MG workshops in Spain. And they will also receive a three-phase Type 2 recharging cable at no cost.

electric MG4

But perhaps one of the most interesting things about this announcement is that MG has given the first clue about the MG4 price in Spainwhich will have a RRP less than 30,000 euros, according to the brand’s website. Taking into account the price of the car in the United Kingdom, it is conceivable that this price for Spain does not include the aid of the Moves Plan. A demolition rate, as is usual in the brand, with a very competitive price/product ratio -at least on paper, since we have not yet tested the car-.

Two battery versions and seven body colors

The electric MG4 will be offered with two battery types and seven body colors. If the reservation is made now, the customer’s chosen MG dealer will contact the customer from September 13 to tie the final touches on the finish and optional equipment. In the event that, on that date, the customer wishes to withdraw from the purchase, the 400 euros deposit will be fully refunded.

The access version (Standard range) has a 51 kWh battery and offers 350 kilometers of WLTP autonomy. This version, whose engine delivers 170 hp, is the one that will have a starting price of less than 30,000 euros. Above there will be an MG4 with a 64 kWh battery (Long range), 204 horses and up to 450 kilometers of autonomy, whose price we do not have any information at this time. In the United Kingdom, the version with the largest battery costs 2,500 pounds more (about 3,000 euros at current exchange rates).

Driving position of the MG4 Electric

Let us remember that the MG4 is a C-segment electric compactwhose body measures 4287mm long, 1,836 mm wide and 1,504 mm high. It is built on the MSP modular platform -developed by SAIC Motor, parent company of MG-. In the case of the version with a larger battery, the fast charge in direct current reaches 135 kW of maximum power, allowing the battery to be recharged from 10 to 80 percent in 35 minutes.

Much cheaper starting price than its main rivals

By approach and size, the direct rivals of the MG4 will be the electric Renault Megane E-Tech, the Volkswagen ID.3 and the Citroën ë-C4. The MG has a starting price lower than all of them, in some cases by much difference. Of the models mentioned, the most affordable is the Citroën ë-C4, which starts at 33,945 euros. The Renault does the same from 36,600 euros and the cheapest ID.3 version currently available (ID.3 Life 58 kWh) costs 43,765 euros.

It should be noted that the access version of the MG4 has a 51 kWh capacity battery, homologates 350 kilometers of WLTP autonomy and its electric motor delivers 170 CV of power. It is the most powerful of the three models mentioned above, although the Citroën ë-C4 and the Volkswagen ID.3 have a greater homologated autonomy (354 and 415 kilometers WLTP, respectively).

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