For 459 euros, this electric scooter with 38 km of autonomy is the safest and most efficient in the range

Olsson and Brothers has presented the latest addition to the fresh family of electric scooters, Olsson Fresh Advanced completes and improves the range adapting to the new European regulations EN 17128, specific for this type of vehicle and is also one of the first on the market to comply with it. For this reason, the new scooter is the safest and most efficient in the catalog of the Cantabrian startup that sells personal mobility vehicles.

The fresh advanced electric scooter is designed, developed and manufactured with your transportation in mind. That’s why your painting is aluminum and it can be folded to reduce its dimensions and be easily transported. It is a very resistant structure that weighs 14.6 kilograms in total and is capable of supporting a weight of up to 120 kilograms. It rests on anti-puncture honeycomb wheels (solid with honeycomb structure) 10 inch diameter. The platform is covered with a non-slip floor. In the back it has a adjustable suspension system that minimizes the impact of uneven terrain.

The electric propulsion system is made up of a 400 W power motor, one of the highest performing in its segment, according to the manufacturer, and which also provides great running silence. The electric motor is powered by a large capacity battery, 10,000mAhwhich is capable of offering up to 38 kilometers of autonomy. With the included charger you can recover its full capacity in a time of between 4 and 6 hours.

To guarantee the safety of its owners and comply with current regulations, the maximum speed is limited to 25km/h. To handle it, it has a accelerator and an electric disc brake system equipped with ABS brakes, plus a foot brake. It has a lighting system based on both front and rear LED lights.

Olsson Fresh Advanced electric scooter-interior
Among the outstanding features of the Olsson Fresh Advanced electric scooter are its solid 10-inch anti-puncture wheels, the adjustable rear suspension and the color multifunction display.

On the handlebar, the user has a multifunction display in color from which you can receive information about the status of the scooter and configure different parameters such as the operating mode, among the four available. In addition, all the control of the scooter can be done remotely through the Olsson Stroot mobile phone app Available on both Android and iOS. By pairing them via Bluetooth it is possible to limit the speed or activate the cruise mode at the desired speed, so that it is not necessary to constantly hold the throttle to move. Deactivation is done by lightly pressing the brake lever. It also allows you to turn the lights on and off, view the battery power level and check the remaining autonomy and access a large number of statistics related to the route.

The Olsson Fresh Advanced will be available from August 15 in “White Ivory” color on the Olsson website and in supermarkets and online stores at a price of 459 euros.

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