Five million electric vehicles: the number that Spain needs by 2030

Although the latest data reflects a sharp drop in emissions, Spain is still far from propping up the electricity market. With hybrids gaining more and more market share, electric and plug-in hybrids face various present and future challenges in order to reach the public. According to data collected by the III Sustainable Mobility Observatory, Spain needs five million electric vehicles by 2030 if we want to meet the sustainability agenda.

No one is going to raise their hands to their heads when saying that our country is in the bottom positions in the implementation of electric mobility. High prices and lack of a reliable and operational public charging network weigh on sales that we will need for the coming years. The report prepared by the audit Grant Thorntonmakes clear the problem that Spain has, which in turn has one of the oldest car parks in the European Union.

With an average of 13.5 years per vehicle, the jump to 100% electric vehicles is very difficult to assume. The representatives of the automotive sector in Spain have highlighted the important moment we are currently experiencing and the need to take advantage of the opportunities that arise with the help of European funds and the Strategic Project for the Recovery and Economic Transformation of the Electric Vehicle and Connected, the well-known PERTE.

Map of chargers in Spain.

The figures are, to say the least, harsh. In Spain there are a total of 180,000 electric vehicles. The 2030 agenda requires the presence of five million electric vehicles, which would represent 16% of the automobile fleet. Given the progression of the last few years, we will miss the mission if we don’t accelerate the transition. In 2018, a total of 5,982 electric vehicles were registered, at the end of 2021 registrations reached 23,681 units. In just three years, registrations have quadrupled, but we need much more.

The latest monthly results make it clear that electric vehicles barely represent 3% of the market share, very far from what can be seen in other neighboring countries such as France or Germany, and let’s not talk about the Nordic countries. Worldwide, The largest electric car park is found in China, where it is estimated that a total of 4.3 million electric vehicles circulate. It should be remembered that our country has set itself the ambitious goal of having 5 million plug-in vehicles by the end of 2030.

The report is not only forceful with the figures, but also with the challenges of reaching that market share. One of the outstanding problems is the autonomy of the batteries. With average figures between 200 and 350 kilometers, they condition the duration of the journeys. The second of the challenges is the charging infrastructure, the absence of an official registry, although the first public charging map should be published on May 20. We are still far from the goal set by the Government to the installation of 100,000 points by 2023, while currently the figures shuffle amounts close to 15,000with clear differences between communities.

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