Fisker will send 5,000 invitations to get the limited edition Ocean One

Fisker has more than 50,000 reservations for its new electric SUV, the Fisker Ocean. Of that generous number of interested parties, only 5,000 will be able to go one step further and get the most desired variant of all, the Ocean One. This version will be limited to only 5,000 numbered units that can be purchased by the first customers who closed a reservation of the electric car.

Henrik Fisker himself confirmed this move. In the coming days or weeks, those who made the disbursement of the 250 dollars for the reservation of the model for the first time, will be able to receive an email inviting them to get hold of one of the limited units of the Fisker Ocean One.

As reported by the CEO of the company, the process of sending invitations has already begun, although they want to take it easy because they wait a few days from the sending of the email itself to see if the person responds affirmatively or negatively to such communication. If so, the reservation already made of the Ocean will be for an Ocean One; if, on the other hand, he responds negatively to this proposal or, directly, does not respond within a period of several days, the company proceeds to cancel the proposal for that specific client and moves on to the next one on the list.

Even if a client refuses to buy one of the Ocean One units, their original reservation will continue to count as before. That is, your request to get a model will not be rejected, but it can no longer be for this exclusive finish.

Those interested in getting a Fisker Ocean One also must be willing to make a base disbursement of $68,999, not including some fees such as delivery of the car. Once the expected start of production of the model approaches, customers who want to get a One will be called to customize and configure the vehicle they will finally acquire; Therefore, from Fisker they estimate that practically no one will buy the “access” Ocean One but that everyone will choose some type of extra that will raise the price of the final bill.

The initial combination for the One will be identical to the one in the image
The initial combination for the One will be identical to the one in the image

The purchase price of the Fisker Ocean One will be the same as for the Fisker Ocean Extreme, the highest variant of the general range. However, in the case of the limited edition model, it will bring with it several specific components, both interior and exterior. These two mentioned finishes will also share mechanical architecture, since both present a range of 560 kilometers.

The One will be a very equipped finish, as it will have 22-inch three-spoke wheels, its own exterior color (although this can be customized in favor of any other color palette), a passenger compartment upholstered in the so-called MaliBlu manufactured with recycled materials, as well as, finally, the famous rotating 17.1-inch central infotainment screen.

As a final shot, Fisker will list all units that have the One trim with a dash insert plate. In the North American firm they will use a number for each model, thus rejecting the method used by other companies to avoid the revaluation of specific units (generally the first, the last or some number of interest). “You will know exactly the number of your electric SUV,” said the CEO.

From Fisker they have not clarified if these 5,000 units destined for the One finish will leave the United States, although if the process began in the North American country, it is expected that all, or most of them, will be concentrated there. The production of the Fisker Ocean is expected to start from next November at the Magna Steyr facility in Austria. There they hope to be able to manufacture more than 40,000 units per year once the machinery is at full capacity.

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