Fisker presents new details of the PEAR and talks about its number of reservations

Fisker is a company that has been able to win over its customers thanks to a design and practicality rarely seen previously in the electrical automotive sector. In the coming months, the Fisker Ocean will hit the market, an electric SUV with a very striking aesthetic and advanced technology; then he will do the same Fisker PEARwhich, broadly speaking, it can be glimpsed that its aesthetic will be entirely particular. Henrik Fisker himself, CEO of the company, has shared through your social networks the first image of the interior of the electric car intended, mainly, for the urban environment.

The Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) will be one of the great exponents of the American company, since its price is estimated to be below 30,000 dollars and its design and specifications will be framed within the canons requested by many potential clients. Aesthetically it is known that it will have a striking and particular appearance. This has been extracted from the various teasers published by the company, although a complete image of what its exterior design will look like in reality has not yet been shown.

According to Henrik Fisker himself, CEO of the firm, the PEAR will be a smaller-sized urban electric crossover than the Fisker Ocean and promises that it will offer “a new level of storage for its segment”. The manager refers to his cargo area as “Houdini” and describes it as an alternative to traditional hatches. From a purely aesthetic point of view, it is known that its glazed space will play an enormous role, denoting a very low waistline, which will cause a generous load of natural lighting for the interior, as well as a greater sense of habitability.

The interior of the PEAR is completely personal and with a great prominence of its glazing
The interior of the PEAR is completely personal and with a great prominence of its glazing

In a last publication by the main director of the company, for the first time you can see various details of its interior. One of the appendices that can attract the most attention are the ways in which its pillars are presented, as well as the windows that they frame. The A-pillar, for its part, will show an inclination towards the rear of the model thanks to which it will provide its front occupants with a more open vision of what is happening in front of them, through a curved and very generous window. This same concept is carried out in the following windows, which are very generous in all spaces, also in the sunroof.

The Fisker PEAR has sought to present curved lines and generous spaces in the aforementioned pillars to influence a brighter and more habitable interior. But also you can see some seats of very particular design, as well as a dashboard in which a double screen composition is located: instrumentation and infotainment. In the case of the second, it will incorporate the already presented turning system that the Ocean will also implement, in which it can be made a vertical or horizontal panel. on the dashboard there are also a series of light decorations that also extend towards the central console.

Fisker has revealed that the PEAR will be available in single-engine, rear-wheel drive or dual-engine, all-wheel drive configuration. For both cases, two battery size options will be presented, in which the most capable will present a range of up to 500 kilometers. In the field of equipment levels, the American company admits that the PEAR will have a total of four finishes.

In his last public exhibition, Henrik Fisker announced that the PEAR already has more than 3,200 firm reserves. Its starting price will be $29,900 for the North American market. Its complete presentation is scheduled to take place in mid-2023 to go into production in the first months of 2024. From Fisker they assure that the development of the model is in a very advanced state in all its facets. The Ocean, for its part, has already harvested more than 50,000 reserves and will start production next November.

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