Fisker confirms that the electric Ronin will belong to a unique segment in the market

Just a few days after Fisker revealed certain secrets about his future high-spec convertible model, now Henrik Fisker himself, CEO of the company, has released a statement on his official networks where he points out certain details about the Ronin, and that is that despite what many expected, the model will not be just an elegant convertible coupé, but will belong to a car segment hardly used in history and of which there is currently no current model.

Less than a week ago we were able to learn very revealing specifications about what Fisker will give birth to by the year 2024. From the American firm they presented what the name of the model will be (Ronin), as well as its main characteristics: convertible, GT and more than 1,000 kilometers of autonomy. However, today the CEO himself boasts of something that everyone overlooked. In fact, the manager himself in advance, already warned that this car would be introduced in a unique segment in the world and that it would have no possible rival. Something similar was also expressed in his day with the next model that we will meet, the Fisker PEAR, which is still a mystery.

But what is that aspect for which the Ronin will be so particular? The Fisker Ronin can boast of being the only convertible in the world for sale with four access doors to its cabin. As we say, no one could imagine for a moment that it possessed such a particular quality, since the segment of convertible sedans disappeared almost at the same time it arrived, since its development was expensive and difficult to carry out.

Certainly, the American company will have to put all the meat on the grill with this model, since carrying out a development of this type will be extremely complicated. Historically, four-door convertibles have had rather poor structural rigidity, as the model’s own extended length to accommodate that second pair of doors meant they weren’t particularly good at it. This will be a point to keep in mind about the Ronin, since as it is a “high-performance” model, this should be taken into account in particular.

Another point for which the Ronin will find an added difficulty in its development will be due to the fact that by inserting an additional pair of doors, the length of the vehicle grows, and with it, its aerodynamics (since it is a convertible) will be highly diminishedas the front windshield will hardly be able to “divert” the air flow past the rear seats.

There are many unknowns that are presented to us with this particular car. Let’s remember that its presentation is expected to take place in the month of August of next year 2023 to start its commercialization well into the year 2024. Its starting price will be around $200,000. and it is expected that, both this and the rest of its brothers, “cross the pond” and arrive in Europe a few months after its initial launch in the United States.

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