Fisker CEO talks about the company’s progress and vision for the future

Henrik Fisker, CEO of the Fisker automobile company, has given some statements to the media Coach. In them he has made clear his vision of the promising future of the electric car company, where they are currently totally focused on the development of their urban model PEARas well as the start of manufacturing of the Fisker Ocean, the electric SUV that already has more than 56,000 firm orders.

One of the most promising models for the firm will be the Fisker PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution), a fully electric urban model with reduced dimensions but with enormous potential in terms of specifications and interior habitability. Its starting price is estimated to be below $30,000., in its commercial beginning on the United States. Later, her arrival in Europe is also expected, as will the Fisker Ocean next year.

The CEO of the company admitted during his interview that the PEAR is the model that creates the most hope for the company, since they hope it will be its first electric car to reach one million registered vehicles per year from 2027. This will be assembled by Foxconn at its recently opened plant in Ohio, and where forecasts speak of an annual production of 250,000 units in 2024.

Fisker Ocean Big Sur Blue Matte in Rabbit Lake;  power sliding, shot by Brian White
Its first model to reach the market will be the Fisker Ocean

At the moment the aesthetic that the acclaimed Fisker PEAR will have is not known, although through the many teasers published by the company itself, its image begins to be slightly drawn. According to the CEO, by image, price and manufacturing volume, its main objective will be located on the models produced by the Volkswagen Group; particularly by Cupra, Skoda and Volkswagen.

To guarantee its low manufacturing cost, and subsequent sale to the public, the PEAR will present a steel platform cheaper to produce than the skateboard that the Ocean owns. This will also be used for two other future electric cars that will arrive later. In addition to this, other elements (unspecified) will be in charge of proposing a “premium vehicle with a retail value of less than $30,000”.

The company itself has appointed Alpay Uguz, a former BMW SUV production line manager, to work at Foxconn on integrating efficiency into production costs. Which according to Henrik Fisker is part of the main objectives of the company: “Revolutionize car manufacturing and, to a certain extent, the supply chain itself.” However, although many details remain to be revealed in this regard, Fisker herself may end up taking an active stake in the Foxconn factoryAlthough they will talk about that later.

Fisker shows a first image of its next electric supercar
A convertible electric supercar will also arrive later, the Fisker Ronin

Henrik Fisker has defined the Fisker PEAR as a kind of modern vehicle difficult to place in a segment. “I guess you would call it a crossover but it’s not really an SUV. It looks like a small futuristic space shuttle,” said the company manager. Additionally, he also mentioned that this could be taken as a “particularly risky design” and that it will be a model “that has never been done before”. Expectations around the PEAR are high.

Finally, the CEO concluded with the sentence of “we need to have a supercar”. This is something that has been hanging around the director’s head for several years, although firstly he wanted to fulfill the objective of presenting two more commercial models. Said high-performance vehicle will be the confirmed Fisker Ronin, a convertible electric supercar that is being developed at the UK facilities. This will be able to run from 0 to 100 km/h in 2 seconds and reach an electric range of almost 1,000 kilometers.

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