Fisker announces the name of its next electric convertible GT that will arrive in 2024

Fisker, the North American electric car company, has just declassified important data about what will be its third 100% electric model and that we will be able to know in something more than a year. The CEO and founder of the company, Henrik Fisker, has been the one who has revealed all this data to the media Coach.

A few months ago, Henrik Fisker himself also published on his social networks a first teaser of what was to come after the Fisker PEAR, and it was not going to be any other model than a convertible sports car. That first publication really revealed few details about this mysterious model, however, the day has come to give some important information about it, and the truth is that it will be a model that will disappoint very few.

One of his first data revealed by the CEO was the name that the model will bear, which will be called Ronin. This car is currently being developed at Fisker’s new Magic Works facility in the UK, which is run by former Aston Martin head of special models Dave King. However, the manager also had time to talk about the next arrival dates, as well as the sales plans that the company will enjoy in the coming years.

The Fisker Ronin presumably we will meet him at a special event to be held next August 2023. There, its managers and the company’s senior staff will clarify all the details of this new electric model. Once this has happened, the North American firm will continue with its development so that its sale begins in the middle of the year 2024. This, along with the other two models in the range, is also scheduled to land on the European market, although we will have to wait a few more months and it is possible that we are already entering the year 2025.

It hopes to meet a range of more than 1,000 kilometers.
It hopes to meet a range of more than 1,000 kilometers.

Without leaving the aforementioned year 2025, the CEO of the company has also confirmed that in that year we will know a fourth Fisker model, of which they are currently still working on its design, positioning and first technical specifications, so today it is a complete mystery of what type of vehicle it will be, even more so seeing the disparate range that the manufacturer has (and will have).

Going back to the Fisker Ronin, this It will have a GT design, with four seats inside and two generous access doors to the passenger compartment. Additionally, it will present a practicable hard top to make it a high-flying electric convertible. Henrik Fisker, at the time of his statement to Coach, clarified that this will be the first electric vehicle without a roof, although Wiesmann would have a lot to say about it, since last week he showed his new Project Thunderball with these characteristics. The CEO of the firm spoke about the difficulty of creating a convertible electric sports car, since it must have a strong and rigid lower structure.

According to the image published by Fisker, the view of the Ronin will be completely transgressive, with huge headlights and very marked and muscular lines. This will house the battery pack in the lower area of ​​the model and will be integrated into the structure of the car itself. Much information about it is still unknown, but its objective will be to homologate in the WLTP cycle a range of more than 1,000 kilometers per charge, as well as running from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 2 seconds thanks to a mechanical team made up of three electric motors. Additionally, it will feature active aerodynamics and a “true British sports car” image. A redefinition of a luxury sports car of the future”, as described by the CEO.

As we have already mentioned, the Fisker Ronin will hit the market in 2024 as the third model in the range after the Fisker Ocean and Fisker PEAR, at an estimated starting price of $200,000. Fisker’s goal is to be able to sell one million electric cars by 2027and one million models per year from the year 2030.

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