First impressions of the electric Mercedes EQXX for Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 driver

Nico Rosberg was proclaimed Formula 1 world champion in the 2016 season. Just five days after achieving said title, he announced his retirement from the highest motor racing competition to pursue his own businesses, which include his YouTube channel in which he is dedicated to talking about current events in the automotive world, past anecdotes or vehicle tests. In particular, one of the last videos published of him is about the Mercedes EQXX in which you even have the opportunity to take a short walk around the Principality of Monaco.

First, the former pilot makes clear mention of its extraordinary exterior design, although on this I would not agree with Frank Stephenson, who believes that the model could be even better. In any case, Rosberg assures that this is one of the most spectacular models that he has been able to witness in recent years, due in particular to its very aerodynamic line and its striking aesthetic features, such as its front with the new headlights joined by the LED line that crosses the entire width of the car.

The former pilot dedicates a good part of the first half of the footage to explaining the arduous task that the design has to provide those 1,000 kilometers of electric autonomy that the EQXX has. He also does the same the construction of the model in especially light materials such as magnesium. Said weight saving is also carried out in its battery, which stops the scale at 488 kilos for its 100 kWh of capacity. Your specific paint also plays a crucial role in this aspect.

During the recording of the conceptual electric model, Nico Rosberg had the opportunity to meet Gorden Wagener, Mercedes design director, with whom he discussed certain details of the Mercedes EQXX, as well as the next model that the former driver will receive, the Mercedes electrified supercar -AMG One.

About the interior of the Mercedes EQXX, Rosberg mentions the recycled materials in which almost all of the interior panels are upholstered and which have a premium touch and presence. These are extracted from vegetables such as mushrooms or cacti, but also from the recycling of plastic bottles.

At the time when the former driver was going to drive the electric car, they warned him that in reality he could only do a co-drive, since you are not a qualified driver to drive the EQXXdespite having been crowned Formula 1 world champion with the same Mercedes team six years ago.

The person in charge of driving the electric model was Boris, one of the engineers responsible for the development of the model. During this tour around the small Monegasque country, the former driver was really impressed, as the car feels very light and with a very low center of gravity. He considered all these sensations even while riding in the passenger seat, where he also pointed out the more than correct acceleration that the car possesses thanks to its small electric motor of “only” 204 ​​CV.

During the journey, the engineer explains specific details used in the EQXX such as the power steering or the ESP, which are the same ones that the Mercedes EQB mounts. He also mentions its huge LED screen with 8K resolutionwhich is unique to this model.

To get to this event in which other electric concept models from Mercedes were also brought together, such as the Mercedes EQG or the recent Mercedes Vision AMG, among others, the Mercedes EQXX traveled the distance from its headquarters in Germany to the French seaside town of Cassisin which, after a journey of 1,008 kilometers, he could still have traveled an additional 140 kilometers, since his battery still had a 15% charge.

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