First images of the Smart #1 Brabus, the high-performance version of this electric SUV

The combination of Smart and Brabus is nothing new. For many years, the manufacturer of German origin has provided the small Smart models with a more indomitable and sporty character through body kits and enhancement of their mechanics. Now, on the occasion of the imminent launch of the new Smart #1, both companies will collaborate again to give the electric SUV greater sportiness. Thus They have released some first images of what the model will look like, but also how it will sound.

The electric SUV that will mark the company’s new renaissance is a complete success. During its first 24 hours of life, the vehicle received more than 10,000 orders, this was a shock to the brand that had been stranded for years with few sales figures. We were able to meet the model live and the first sensations were more than good. However, the time has come to advance in terms of performance and aesthetics thanks to Brabus, the historic Mercedes and Smart trainer, just as he was recently able to do the same for the first time with the Porsche Taycan.

Almost a month ago, from the official Smart account on Instagram, a short video was made public in which subtle appendages of #1 were barely visible, something unusual given that the model had already been presented in all aspects and few secrets kept. It has been in the last hours when they have re-released the same video and many have realized that this is not a Smart #1 “to use” but rather It is its sports and performance variant signed by Brabus. From the German preparer, no confirmation has been received in this regard, however, all the rumors and historical facts point to such a launch.

During the short footage published by Smart, you can see various details that this new electric sports SUV will present. In the first place, it is particularly striking matte finish for bodywork, something that plays hand in hand with the logos decorated in a shiny black tone, thus creating an attractive contrast between the two. To that they add other sections decorated in redsuch as part of the front grille, brake calipers or the roof, which match the color of the model’s taillights.

In the same video you can see how your driver presses a button located on the center console, which can be read “Driving Mode” and from which the driving modes of the model will be selected. In the little that can be seen of the cabin, there are glimpses decorative details in red on the ventilation outlets and on the pedals.

The Smart #1 of access is already presented with more than considerable specifications thanks to an electric motor that produces up to 272 CV and 313 Nm of maximum torque, which leads it to stop the stopwatch at 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. In the case of the Smart #1 Brabus, all these data and specifications will be taken one step further and a power of around 400 hp is estimated through a double motor scheme (one for each axis). This will be linked to components more focused on sportsmanship, such as suspensions or a steering with a more rigid setting.

The presentation of this model is estimated to take place in the coming months, with a view to the first units reaching the market throughout the next year 2023, after the Smart #1 of access has already made its appearance in dealerships officers from around the world.

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