First approach to build an electric car battery factory in Valladolid

A few months ago the Government of Spain presented its plan for the transformation of the automobile industry towards electrification. Specifically, the plan pointed to the country as the “hub” of electric mobility in Europe. This project seems to bear fruit, as the Slovak manufacturer of batteries for electric cars InoBat Auto has signed a declaration of intent with the state government to build a factory for these components in the city of Valladolid.

However, this intention to settle in the Castilian city is not, for the moment, a firm agreement, since the company also has alternatives such as the United Kingdom, in addition to other locations in Western Europe, as the company itself has communicated in its speech. public recently.

The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, under the supervision of Minister Reyes Maroto, signed a collaboration protocol with the Slovak company on October 17 with the long-term objective of providing new energy solutions to the markets global. The potential manufacturing plant is expected to have an investment of around 3,000 million euros and the creation of 2,000 direct jobs.

The company itself, which specializes in batteries for electric cars, has stated that its choice of Valladolid as a clear candidate to fill the position for Western Europe involves presenting “a large amount of talent, access to renewable energy, proximity to other OEMs, and strong transportation links”, as confirmed by the company InoBat Auto in its official statement.

InoBat Auto would provide up to 2,000 direct jobs

In the agreement signed between InoBat Auto, the City Council of Valladolid, the Junta de Castilla y León and the Ministry of Industry, it is clear that if this location is finally chosen, the company will have all the necessary permits and government support to advance the project at the pace they deem appropriate. Additionally, the battery company hopes to obtain an economic amount derived from the European funds that Spain has allocated to the manufacture of electric cars and their components.

With this new agreement, Spain could obtain up to four battery manufacturing plants for electric cars. The first to have such an agreement was Envision Group, who plans to build a factory in Extremadura, hand in hand with Acciona Energy, in addition to other interesting projects. Second, the plant that Volkswagen would be planning to build in Sagunto, although now it is not so clear. And, finally, the Basquevolt group, which plans to build its factory in the Basque Country with the support of the regional government, Iberdrola, CIE Automotive and Enagas.

InoBat has confirmed that the official decision will be published sometime before the end of this year 2022. When it begins operations, it will be complemented by the plant that the company already owns in Voderady, Slovakia, as well as the one recently announced for Indiana, United States.

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