First 360 kW chargers installed in Norway: 100 km of autonomy in 3 minutes

ABB has carried out the first installations in Norway of its new Terra 360 charging station. This ultra fast charger which was introduced last year It is capable of offering a charging power of 360 kW in direct current. An electric car that admits it could recover in just three minutes up to 100 kilometers of autonomy and complete the recharge in just 15. In addition, it allows balance this power and recharge two electric cars simultaneously.

ABB and the Norwegian renewable energy company Eviny the first Terra 360 recharging stations have been put into operation in the center commercial Oasen of Bergen and in the Norwegian ski resort of Geilo. These first pilot installations will be followed by a broader rollout both in Norway as in Sweden.

In an electric car that admits the 360 ​​kW of direct current that these chargers are capable of offering, they could recover 100 kilometers of autonomy in just three minutes of connection. This would mean that an average battery could be fully charged in just 15 minutes.

However, with the electric cars that are currently on the market, in which the maximum power that can be injected is 150 kW maximum, the function of dynamic power distribution offered by the Terra 360. With it, it is possible to recharge simultaneously two vehicles at the same timebeing available for each of them powers of up to 180kw. Undoubtedly, this option will be the most used for now by the users of these stations, although in the future, with the 800-volt electrical systems that allow the recharging power to be increased, it will be possible to use all the available power.

In addition to high charging power, ABB emphasizes modular design of the charging station and the reduced size of the column, which allows it to be flexibly adapted to different installation scenarios. Drivers using the station are informed of the battery charge status and the time remaining until the end of the charging process via a lighting system. Among the design options that can be selected is an integrable screen of 27 inches for video and image playback. charging cable, five meters long, It also facilitates the design of parking spaces so that any electric car on the market, with the connector where it is, can use them. Finally, its design has also been designed to be accessible to wheelchair users.

ABB Terra 360 fast charger
The ABB Terra 360 allows you to charge the battery of an electric car in 15 minutes at a rate of 100 kilometers every 3 minutes or recharge two electric cars simultaneously with 180 kW of power for each one.

In Norway, Eviny currently has more than 400 fast charging stations located at 150 stations. According to its CEO, Jannicke Hilland, ABB’s Terra 360 is the best option for Eviny’s network expansion. “The transition to electric mobility is happening at a fast pace in Norway, and to continue to lead the change we need the fastest chargers,” he explains. For his part, Frank Muehlon, CEO of ABB E-mobility, adds that Norway is today setting the world standard when it comes to the electric mobility transition. “We’re excited to hear the reaction from EV drivers in the country currently most advanced in EV adoption.”

Norway leads the global market when it comes to adoption of electric vehicles by its population, with the highest acceptance per capita on the European continent. Many electric vehicle manufacturers choose it as a gateway to the European market for this reason.

ABB introduced Terra 360 in September last year. According to the Swedish-Swiss manufacturer, the charging system is particularly suitable for installation in gas stations, shops and malls. It also has a place in the private car parks of companies that manage commercial fleets which include delivery vans and trucks.

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