Ferrari’s first electric car already has an arrival date: revolution in Maranello

ferrari has presented the strategic plan that the company will follow from 2022 to 2026, and with it has left several notable facts that will mark a turning point in the history of the Italian manufacturer. Among other things, Ferrari has confirmed that by 2025 there will already be an electric car in its range, and they have no intention of working with autonomous driving.

The firm from Maranello has taken advantage of the Capital Markets Day that it celebrates annually to emphasize that the company’s activity in the coming years will have employeesthe electrification and the carbon neutrality by 2030 as the main axes of its activity.

With this date as the first major objective in terms of electrification, there are several steps that Ferrari has to gradually carry outbefore by 2030 achieve 80% of its sales correspond to hybrid and electric modelswhich in turn indicates that 20% of cars sold will still be without any electrical assistance by the end of this decade.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The closest milestone will occur in 2025, when Ferrari will already have an electric car in its range. A model that by the end of the year should have represented 5% of the brand’s total sales, while they expect hybrids to account for 55% of the company’s total deliveries by 2026.

In addition to the fully electric car, this responsibility will fall on models such as the Ferrari SF90 or the 296 GTBwhich are already plug-in hybrids, as well as the SUV or crossover that Ferrari will present soon, the Ferrari Purosanguea model that will have a V12 on the one hand and a plug-in hybrid option on the other.

Before 2025 the brand will have completed the construction of an E-Building within its factory in Maranello, which is the one that will be in charge of producing the essential parts of the company’s electric cars. Here it will be produced from the electric motor to the battery itself (although they do not make it clear if it will be just the assembly or its cells), as well as housing the production line of the models. Even with this, Ferrari does not want to set aside its more traditional facet, since it has announced that this building will also have its own paint shop.

Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari's second plug-in hybrid.
Ferrari 296 GTB, Ferrari’s second plug-in hybrid.

On the other hand, if Ferrari intends to be mass-producing its first electric car by 2025, it should have been unveiled much sooner. The Italian firm usually reveals the models between a year and a year and a half before its production begins, so at some point in 2023 its design should see the light.

Benedetto Vigna, current CEO of Ferrari, has spoken about this model, largely responsible for the change of course that the brand has suffered in recent times. “The first fully electric Ferrari will be a real Ferrari”He commented yesterday.

The brand has also communicated that we are very soon to know the “replacement” of the Ferrari LaFerrari, which was the first hybrid that the company manufactured, the one that marked the way forward for the rest of the models of this condition.

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