Faraday Future’s electric FF91 is delayed yet again, and we’ve already lost count

For years the top managers of Faraday Future have sold their electric car as a project that was almost becoming a reality. an electric car, the Faraday Future FF91, which is delayed once again due to economic problems. The umpteenth crisis of a model that was called to revolutionize the industry and that was going to be among the best sellers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We have been hearing great promises and hopeful data for years, but the harsh reality is far from the fantastic theory. Founded in 2014, the Faraday Future company quickly became one of the most promising American startups.. Promising a $1 billion investment, the collaborating partners have been in and out of the company’s offices as fast as the promised speed of the FF91.

Deceit and opaque data have been the general trend in the development of the electric car. On more than one occasion the supposed success has been repeated, which in the end has not been. Faraday Future came to proclaim to the four winds its more than 14,000 reserves for a car that was still far from beginning its life. Finally the company had to dismantle such figures, although the worst was yet to come. Months later they stated that they had only received 401 requests for the car in the five years that the project has been underway.

Faraday Future hoax reservations
Just when we were closer, the Faraday Future FF91 fades again

And that is one of the current and eternal problems of the company, the lack of interest, both on the part of the clients and on the part of the partners. Faraday Future lacks liquidity to carry out the production of the FF91. With barely half a thousand workers on the payroll, debts are piling up on the table. Creditors that do not allow him to undertake the long-awaited march. Without charging the parts are not delivered and if they are not delivered the production line cannot be fed. A vicious circle with only one way out.

Worst of all, we were getting closer to seeing the Faraday Future FF91 rolling down the streets. Just a few months ago the company announced the production of the first unit, a pre-series unit that we could see shooting on social networks and that gave wings for a short period of time. Americans need liquidity, hard cash with which to cover their operations for the remainder of the yearcompletely contrary to what was announced a few months ago.

The figures are not at all discreet. Faraday Future recognizes that it needs nothing more and nothing less than 325 million dollars to be able to start once again. In the middle of this month, at a shareholders’ meeting, he presented himself for an aid of 100 million dollars, but with one condition. That condition was none other than the dismissal of one of the company’s senior positions, something that should not have happened since the offer seems to have “expired”. We will finally see how it all ends and if the company finally manages to get ahead, once again.

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