Faraday Future FF91: we already know its autonomy approved in the EPA cycle

The future of Faraday Future has been adverse on some occasions. However, in recent months, some important progress has been seen in the project, although, in any case, always under a general critical eye. Now, the company has taken another step forward and his electric model could be a little closer to reality. In the last hours, those responsible for the brand have confirmed that the model has passed its EPA approval cycle and promises a more than interesting electric autonomy.

This homologation has confirmed a significant increase in the electric autonomy with respect to the previous estimates of the brand itself. They originally set a relative range of around 300 miles. However, this data has been left behind after homologating a total of 613 kilometers of autonomy, which places it in a very high position over other competent electric vehicles, such as the Cadillac Lyriq (which is expected to arrive in Europe soon) and its 502 kilometers; or the Tesla Model X that reaches 560 kilometers in the EPA cycle.

This range of autonomy is quite remarkable, since the FF91 has an outstanding mechanical equipment. The model equips up to three electric motors that give it total tractionthis means that the combined power stands at 1,065 hp, in addition to having a rear torque vectoring. These figures, as a general rule, could infer to the detriment of the electric autonomy, however, even offering these specifications, the electric one presents a more than good figure of autonomy per charge. Thanks to this mechanism, it is capable of stopping the stopwatch from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.39 seconds.

The FF91 will arrive on the market, presumably, at the end of this same 2022

The CEO of the company, Carsten Breitfeld, has made public an intervention on the figures of EPA approval of the FF91. The manager admitted that “this is a big step for this car to reach the hands of our users. The confirmation of our range of 613 kilometers by the EPA is really exciting news and validates what we know about the FF91.”

Breitfeld has high hopes for what will be the first electric Faraday Future model expected to hit the market. “The FF91 will be the segment leader for high-end, electric intelligence, luxury and high performance, and will reset customer expectations for the driver and passenger experience,” said the CEO.

However, in recent years there have been great shadows over the future of the electric vehicle company, such as the innumerable delays in the start of its production and subsequent commercialization. However, the director has admitted that his California factory is nearing completion and he has already built some vehicles in the form of prototypes for the validation of tests and other procedures. From Faraday Future they expect that the fourth quarter of this 2022 will be crucial for the company’s progress, since the start of production and the first deliveries to customers are scheduled.

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