eXXite X1 electric bike, designed in Barcelona to define a technological lifestyle

Electric bicycles have been integrated as one of the main recreational vehicles for outdoor activities. In recent years they have become sportier and now share roads and trails alongside conventional bikes. Although there is a market for those who are looking for their sports and recreational side, there is also a market for another completely differentiated space: lifestyle and utility. A field in which the Spanish startup rayvolt moves like a fish in water. In addition to its main brand, the eXXite rangeis looking for a different client, more technological, without losing the retro essence of the brand: from its range, the X1 will become the firm’s flagship this year.

While major bike brands are also working on utility-focused models, startups dedicated to producing lifestyle-related electric bikes have also gained momentum. The technology behind Rayvolt bicycles has led the Catalan manufacturer to create a second brand, with which it markets simpler and more modern models in terms of design but equipped with the same technologies as its older sisters. A strategy similar to the one that Specialized has recently presented, with the creation of Globe.

Rayvolt’s second brand, eXXite, was presented in 2019. Supply chain disruptions related to the pandemic caused delays in the presentations of its models and cancellations of some announcements due to the lack of components as fundamental as brake levers or forks, essential for its designs.

Prototype electric bicycle Rayvolt exxite x1-interior
The design of the Catalan brand is accompanied by high technology, also developed by the company, to offer the maximum possible efficiency and reliability.

The flagship model of this new sub-brand is the X1, a full-size, retro-style electric bike that comes packed with sophisticated technologies. From a styling perspective, the X1 is a far cry from standard pedal-assist electric bikes. The neo-retro design of the X1 is completely unique. Its low saddle stands out, which allows a position similar to that of a cruiser-type bicycle, that is, it is a quiet vehicle, not a machine designed for exercising. The oversized top tube doubles as a smartphone dock that even features wireless charging. Other stylish features are a frame-integrated LED headlight and a stylish rear light on the frame dropouts.

The EIVA 2.0 application, designed in-house by the company, interfaces with the bike’s software. The open source application is based on Android which means that its owners can install any application, such as Google Maps and other navigation tools. In this way it is possible to extract the full potential of the bicycle, such as accessing remote diagnostics, remotely knowing the status of the battery and other fundamental information.

The design of the Catalan brand is accompanied by high technology, also developed by the company, to offer the maximum possible efficiency and reliability. Rayvolt designs its own drivers, hardware, and software to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

Among the new technologies offered by the eXXite X1 is the ability to modulate regenerative braking power of the engine simply pedaling backwards more or less quickly. This feature is key to the development of the program. RegenFit of the company.

Today the eXXite X1 is simply a prototypealthough it is likely to be very close to reaching production being able to reach the European market this year.

Rayvolt Exxite XS and XXS folding electric bikes
Rayvolt eXXite XS and XXS bikes are folding and lightweight, designed for urban use and loaded with the latest technology.

Meanwhile, the eXXite range currently consists of two folding electric bikes that will delight techies. XS and XXS models are currently on sale through your website for with a retail price of 1,800 euros and 1,700 euros respectively.

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