Europe First: Jeep Will Pioneer Strange Lands Before America

Back in 1941 in the State of Ohio, United States, the Jeep company was founded. Known throughout the world, the classic off-road firm has not stopped in its quest to conquer the world. After demonstrating his excellent skills in the most complicated terrain and scenarios, The American brand is facing a new stage; the electrification. Joining the Stellantis Group has accelerated change plans, although not in all markets. Jeep will be electrified first in Europe and then in its land.

The truth is that the news should not catch us by surprise either. Europe is becoming the promised land of electric. The high dignitaries of the European Union have already confirmed that 2035 will be the last year for ICE cars. Gasoline and diesel will be left behind in the land of zero emissions. This change already assumed by the companies will make Jeep, and all of them, a 100% electric brand that will use everything learned to export it to your home.

In recent times we have been witnessing a partial electrification of the range. The 4xe models are already present in the entire product portfoliofrom the small Jeep Renegade to the mighty Jeep Wrangler. Plug-in hybrid technology that has allowed the brand to enter the field of electrification with good marks. However, the thing will not stop there since in the coming years the launch of more models and more forceful electrical systems is expected.

Jeep’s 4xe range of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs)

Next year, without going any further, The first 100% electric Jeep in history will arrive on the old continent. Although we still don’t know his name, the “baby Jeep”, as some know him, has already been seen in full. Its mechanical system will not be the only novelty, because with the arrival of this model, the Toledo firm enters uncharted territory for them, that of the B-SUV. The use of the e-CMP platform shared with the Stellantis Group allows you to benefit from multiple innovations. It will be the twin brother of the Peugeot e-2008 and the Opel Mokka-e. Of course, with its seven characteristic stripes on the front.

It will be a “rare” model inside the house. Although the Renegade was the first Jeep model to be manufactured outside of American borders, The first electric Jeep will be destined first for the European market. Once he completes his market exploration work, he will go to the United States. This same strategy is planned to be used for future electric launches. Europe takes the lead in that race, while the United States is relegated to the background.

Jeep’s electric transition in its homeland will be much more gradual. The Ohio brand does not want to upset its followers, so it will continue betting on thermal engines in a slow and slow electric transition. The deadlines for such a change are not at all clear, they are not going to be fast. The incorporation into the Stellantis Group has accelerated the plans, as well as the European mobility policies. Just a month and a half ago, the French division of Jeep officially announced that it was no longer selling all thermal versions of its models, focusing exclusively on 4xe models with hybrid technology.

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