Enovix silicon battery manages to recover 98% of its capacity in 10 minutes

One of the properties being worked on for the development of electric vehicle batteries is the recharging power they can assume. Not only the ultra-fast public recharge must be capable of supplying very high recharging powers. Also the batteries of electric vehicles must be capable of accepting and maintaining those load powers without overheating, without degrading and maintaining safety. The American startup Enovix is ​​fundamentally working on this aspect with its silicon anode battery design that is capable of recovering 98% of its capacity in just 10 minutes and withstand 1,000 charge and discharge cycles.

Reducing the waiting time when recharging an electric vehicle is a common goal shared by different teams of researchers. In this sense, advances have been announced both at the laboratory level and in the case of private companies working for this purpose. In this sense, some advances have been presented based on aluminum ion batteries and experimental electrodes that reduce recharging times to a few minutes. Companies like StoreDot also announce technologies capable of recovering 160 kilometers in 5 minutes of recharging in its first generation.

Enovix patented 3D cell architecture
Enovix’s patented 3D cell architecture vertically stacks high-capacity silicon anodes, cathodes and separators in a flat structure. Source: Enovix.

Enovix is an American startup that is working on a patented technology that replaces the graphite in the anodes of battery cells with a 3D molded silicon architecture. Silicon stands out as an alternative material to graphite because it has a much higher energy storage potential. Enovix, which does not delve into this figure, ensures that in addition to increasing energy density it is also capable of withstand more than 1,000 charge and discharge cycles while still retaining 93% of its energy capacity.

The company has developed its technology thanks to funds from a US Department of Energy grant program. Its solution will not only be valid for electric vehicle batteries but can also be used in other types of applications that require batteries. large capacity such as stationary energy storage systems.

Last Monday, June 13, he announced that he had managed to demonstrate that his battery can recharge to 80% in just 5.2 minutes and reaches 98% in less than 10 minutes. Harrold Rust, co-founder, CEO and president of Enovix says that “Fast charging can accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles.” While electric vehicle manufacturers seek batteries with longer ranges, the public and private sectors are working to increase access to a widespread and reliable fast-charging network. “We are proud to support these goals to help electrify the automotive industry and demonstrate that our batteries are an exciting option to power powerful, fast-charging electric vehicles,” added Rust.

Enovix patented production process
Production process for lithium batteries with silicon anode patented by Enovix. Source: Enovix

Enovix technology

Enovix has developed a lithium-ion battery that incorporates a 100% active silicon anode using a patented 3D cell architecture. Unlike the horizontally wound structure of a conventional lithium-ion cell, the 3D architecture reduces the stainless steel required to apply pressure to the packing and keep the silicon particles connected. The result is a Significant increase in energy density and battery life.

In addition to the new cell structure, Enovix has worked on the packaging process. The standard lithium-ion battery production procedure is replaced by an electrode winding method performed with proprietary laser design tools, allowing for increased cell stacking speed and increases production line capacity by 30%.

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