Elon Musk Says 4680 Cell Batteries Have Lots of Room for Improvement

The new structural battery pack with 4680 cells that Tesla is already implementing in the Model Y that is manufactured in Texas was announced as Elon Musk as a fundamental advance, not only for your company but in general for the manufacture of electric cars. However, the first owners who have received the Model Y with these batteries have not are noticing the announced improvements, especially when it comes to autonomy, which is even lower than that of the Model Y with the previous 2170 cells. Elon Musk has not denied this reality, reassuring these clients that he has assured that batteries have a lot of room for improvement and that Tesla is working on it.

According to Elon Musk, who has repeatedly reiterated these same arguments, 4680 cells have many advantages. They allow a significant reduction in the number of parts needed both for the manufacture of the batteries and for the assembly of the complete car. This feature allows battery pack manufacturing lines to be half size than those required for previous batteries.

Also, the 4680 cells are six times more powerful and have an energy capacity five times higher than current. Their larger size multiplies by more than five the volume of active material they can hold. The elimination of the connectors that join each electrode with the battery casing allows to increase the performance to reach 16% more autonomy since it is possible to reduce 10% of the total weight of the car which has a direct impact on performance, with greater acceleration and makes driving easier in general. All this is achieved with lower production costs.

structural battery cells 4680 optimization-interior1
The structural package is the correct general architecture from the point of view of physics, but it is still far from being optimized

Another improvement provided by these cells is their ability to create a structural battery pack, so that this component, located on the floor of the vehicle, is part of the resistant structure, which makes it possible to reduce the reinforcement parts and, therefore, the total weight and the production cost. With Tesla’s new approach, the platform that includes the battery is attached to the body as part of the car’s structure.

However, all these advantages are not what the owners of the first units that implement these batteries have been able to observe. At least as far as the autonomy they achieve is concerned, since this is lower than that achieved with units that have batteries with the previous 2170 cells.

Once again through Twitter, Elon Musk has come out to reassure his clients and silence his detractors. In response to a tweet praising the battery architecture following analysis by Munro & Associates, the Tesla CEO admitted that the structural package still requires a lot of optimization: “The structural package is the correct general architecture from the point of view of physics, but it is still far from being optimized”.

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