Elon Musk mocks Lucid Motors for its production problems

It is clear that Lucid Motors is not going through its best moment. Peter Rawlinson’s company is struggling to scale production of its only model, the Lucid Air. Despite garnering excellent reviews and ratings, the long-range electric sedan fails to reach the markets due to the company’s difficulties in finding supplies. A cut in the production forecast has served for Elon Musk to mock the crisis of one of his rivals.

Competitiveness between brands is our daily bread. In its beginnings, Tesla had great difficulties in expanding production. Elon Musk has already been through what Lucid Motors is going through, although the situation is somewhat different. The Fremonters had a hard time taking the first steps, but they took them in a world where restrictions and supply problems were not a global problem. On the contrary, Rawlinson has to face a world crisis that does not make things easy at all.

We all know the difficulties experienced by the industry and manufacturers when it comes to having parts for the construction of vehicles. Delivery times have been extended, as have costs and raw materials. In a globalized world, it is difficult to find resources, and the few available ones are at a cost that is practically unaffordable by the smallest manufacturers.. Line closures are still a problem. Fewer and more expensive cars are produced.

Last week Lucid had to lower expectations for what was going to be the best year of his life. The first estimates pointed to some 12 or 14 thousand units produced in the 12 months of the year, but after a very uncertain first semester, the predictions point to a final production between 6,000 and 7,000 cars, and they may not even reach that. In the second quarter the result has been devastating, reaching 679 units delivered. Given this bleak figure, Elon Musk has made some controversial statements on Twitter.

Using your favorite social network, the American tycoon has made fun of the figures of one of his rivals: “I have had more children in the second trimester than they have built cars”. It should be remembered that Musk has a large family around him. Elon has ten children from three different women. Despite the joke, keep in mind that supply and production issues are affecting everyone. Tesla has had a quarter down, the first in a long time, and has also been forced to increase the price of its cars due to the rise in raw materials.

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