Elon Musk expects to start deliveries of the electric Tesla Cybertruck in 2023

The next month of November will mark a new year since the official presentation of the Tesla Cybertruck. After three years of development of the North American brand’s electric pick-up, it is still a complete mystery when the exact date will be when production and delivery to customers will begin. However, his own Elon Musk has confirmed in a recent statement that they expect to start these deliveries in the middle of next year 2023although they continue to be speculations without entering into concise data or dates.

Many fans of the brand, as well as its own customers, complain that the model could have been groundbreaking during the first months after it was presented, however, the electric pick-up market already has alternatives such as the Rivian R1T, the Ford F-150 Lightning or the Hummer EV, while the arrival of other models belonging to different car brands is already expected. Is it possible that this will end up affecting sales of the Tesla Cybertruck? Probably not. Nonetheless, the Tesla Cybertruck continues to be a unique model thanks to its groundbreaking design.

From the North American electric car company it has been estimated on numerous occasions when the final arrival of the model will be, since this has suffered important delays in the last two years. Despite the estimates announced by Elon Musk for the possible start of deliveries next year, to tell the truth, the CEO has admitted that the brand’s board does not know exactly when the expected electric pick-up will be launched. This has happened during a Tesla question and answer session for the company’s shareholders.

One of the latest Cybertruck prototypes sighted around Giga Texas.

Even if these estimates released by Elon Musk are finally produced, the North American model would reach a delay of practically four years since its presentation. This would mean that Tesla would see new rival models come to market, such as the Chevrolet Silverado EV, which is forecast to begin deliveries to professionals from next spring, while its variant for the general public is expected to land in fall 2023.

In the plant that the brand owns in Austin, Texas, they are finalizing all the relevant process for the start of production of the Cybertruck, since the appropriate machines have already been purchased for the assembly of the model’s engines, as well as the casting machine largest in the world, the so-called Gigapress, which will be responsible for manufacturing the exoskeleton of the electric pick-up.

In short, Giga Texas is finalizing the preparations and, in fact, they have already been able to manufacture some prototypes that have been seen in recent months, both in a few company events, and hanging around the vicinity of the aforementioned factory. The Tesla Cybertruck is also joined by two other models from which important news is expected from next year 2023, the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Semi.

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