Elon Musk Considers Making Tesla Ads To “Counter Media Bias”

Although everyone knows Tesla and sounds everywhere, you will not see an advertisement for him anywhere, neither on TV, nor on the radio, nor in magazines or newspapers. Musk has always believed in another form of advertising and, hey, the truth is that he has not done badly at all. However, the more the company grows, the more its detractors grow. Apparently, Elon Musk may be considering running ads to counter what he sees as “media bias”.

Think wisely. Luxury brands don’t need advertising, everyone knows they are there. For example: Rolls-Royce or Ferrari. Their advertising is never in a direct format, they are always offered from a secondary point of view. The same strategy has been followed Tesla since its inception, although that does not mean that they do not have a powerful marketing department. His approach has always been different, but that could change soon.

Musk himself has acknowledged more than once that he hates advertising, that under no pretext is going to pay or offer discounts for celebrities to show their brand or their cars, although that is not entirely true. Tesla does use influencers to advertise its products, it does not pay them directly, but it does use advantages and benefits when going through the workshop or when accumulating points and discounts. A format that has been very advantageous for the company.

Advertising is not the only thing that Elon Musk seems to hate, as he has also come to declare that the media is against him and his company because he does not spend on advertising as other brands do. Your mindset may be changing over time because as he has stated in an interview with the Silicon Valley Tesla Club, Tesla could start launching traditional advertising with the intention of, according to him, “counteract media bias”.

His specific words during the interview were: “ Maybe we should advertise because mainstream media won’t run negative articles about the auto industry, as the auto industry is one of the largest advertisers, if not the largest, in newspapers. Tesla is basically a free game. It’s safe to say that if they run a negative article about General Motors next to a General Motors ad, General Motors marketing executives will call them and ask: Why did you do that? We will not spend anything on publishing next year.”

Although the tone is more anecdotal than decisive, these statements open the door to a possible investment in traditional advertising by Tesla, although it is not a priority for the company at the moment. Be that as it may, what is clear is that Tesla and all the news related to it sell. Following one of the unwritten rules of marketing; there is no bad publicity.

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