Elon Musk announces the second AI Day, an event that will advance Tesla’s new technologies

Mark this date: August 19. That day Tesla will celebrate a new AI Day, the second in its history. Elon Musk has announced it through Twitter, and has also warned that “many interesting updates” will arrive. With just those words, the American tycoon has aroused the interest of the whole world, and the rumors of what we are going to see in a few months have only just begun. What can we expect from Tesla’s second AI Day?

Before thinking about what is to come, it is worth remembering what happened at Tesla’s first artificial intelligence event. Held last year, AI Day served to showcase the company’s upcoming ideas and work. Focusing primarily on the development of autonomous driving, the event also featured a first for the Tesla Bot, now known as Tesla Optimuns. A humanoid robot that relaunched the idea of ​​coexistence between machines and men.

The truth is that at the moment Elon Musk has not advanced much. “Many interesting updates” are expected, but which ones? Once again the great objective of the event will be to encourage great minds and young talents to join the ranks of Tesla to develop the products of the future. Although that is the main objective, AI Day is also a great celebration of self-aggrandizement and publicity for the company. Despite the little information related to the presentation, we can imagine what news we will see.

Like last year, Tesla is expected to present the most advanced sketches of its autonomous driving program. We will learn new data and details of the deployment of the Full Self Driving package, which is already available to a large number of drivers in the United States, and which is expected to reach one million users by the end of 2022. Presumably, at the August event show new updates being able to arrive a new and more complete version capable of making the leap to a higher degree of autonomous driving.

There will also be a gap for the presentation of a new version of a specific chip for Tesla computing. A high-performance chip that may be accompanied by an update to the Dojo supercomputer program. Already in the previous event the first notions were given in this regard, although a great human team capable of carrying out the development of that supercomputer was still to be put together.

Last but not least. It is more than predictable that much of the act will revolve around an advanced version of the Tesla Optimus. The robot is still in development, and for sure Elon Musk will take advantage of the massive event to demonstrate the new capabilities of his humanoid robot. In recent months, Tesla has been touting its ability to play a major role in Artificial General Intelligence through the Optimus project. So surely this attends the appointment with a leading role.

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