Elon Musk Announces Arrival Date for Tesla’s Autonomous Robotaxis

It is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that Elon Musk boasts about the technical advances that Tesla’s electric cars will present in the coming months or years. Now, the CEO of Tesla has announced that in the spring of next year 2023, Tesla models will be able to be fully autonomous and driving without the need for human drivers behind the wheel. Is this a bold new announcement by Elon Musk? Seeing similar old statements, everything seems to indicate that yes, although the firm could definitely surprise.

On many other occasions we have been able to see how, in an intelligent marketing move, Elon Musk promised that his future electric cars would present a fully autonomous driving technology, which would not need the supervision of a human driver with which to correct possible errors in the car. car tour. The FSD system has been promising such technology for years since its arrival on the market, when it claimed that it would revolutionize future driving. However, the years have passed and the Tesla, although they show a high level of autonomy, the truth is that this is not as advanced as Elon Musk initially promised, at least for now.

These days the CEO made an official visit to Brazil in order to bring his internet service ‘Starlink’ to the different Amazon regions. During the round of questions from the press that gathered there, the first questions about Tesla and its electric cars did not take long to arrive. In one of them, Musk was asked about the arrival of real and total autonomous driving to his models, to which The tycoon assured that in the next month of May 2023 the so-called “Robotaxis” of Tesla will be a complete and resounding reality.

The Tesla Cybertruck will mount a high load of FSD technology
The Tesla Cybertruck will mount a high load of FSD technology

Let us remember that these particular “Robotaxis” have been announced by Elon Musk for several years, of which he has already promised that the market would have more than 1 million of them by the end of 2020. However, this level of security in its technological advances was diminishing until the fact that it now states that by the end of 2022, 1 million users will have the latest FSD update, still in beta.

During the inauguration event of his new factory located in Texas (Cyber ​​Rodeo), Elon Musk already advanced future plans for new “Robotaxis” models that Tesla will launch throughout 2024. Although what the manager has expressed today is directly the arrival of this fully autonomous technology to the commercial vehicles currently sold by the North American company.

This term, “Robotaxi”, implies that the vehicle will be completely autonomous in all aspects, that is, that it will will have Level 5 autonomous drivingsomething that is still predicted quite far if we look at current technology and standards, so, once again, we should take these statements quite cautiously, even more so if we see the history of Elon Musk himself in this regard.

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