Elon Musk acknowledges to his workers that Tesla is having a “very difficult quarter”

These are bad times for the automobile industry. The motor world has been suffering a continuous crisis for more than two years. First it was the global pandemic of COVID-19 and its serious consequences such as the closure of factories, later the increase in the prices of supplies and suppliers was added, which in turn has affected the price of cars. And finally, once again, an uptick in the COVID-19 pandemic in Asia has once again forced the temporary closure of facilities.

Brands are experiencing one of their toughest stages. With no forecasts of improvement in the coming months, the balance sheets shudder at the end of the second quarter. The year is not being good, and companies like Tesla know it. In a leaked internal email on the Internet Elon Musk himself acknowledges that Tesla has had a “very difficult quarter”. In the same letter, he asks his employees to make an extra effort to recover. In just 20 days the final figures for the second quarter of the year will come to light.

Taking into account all the circumstances that have surrounded the last three months, nobody expects a particularly good balance, although Tesla has shown that it knows how to overcome adversity. However, the closure of the Shanghai Gigafactory for weeks has been impossible to recover. With the plant closed for more than a week, the production volume has dropped considerably as China is the main producer of the entire Gigafactories chain.. But it has not been the only problem that those from Austin have had to face.

Although Elon Musk and his workers have managed to dodge the industry’s lack of microchips quite successfully, the increase in the price of raw materials has forced the company to increase the price of its best-selling cars. In recent months, the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y have become more expensive due to the complexity of manufacturers in sourcing affordable materials. Nickel and cadmium are skyrocketing and nobody expects them to drop in the short or medium term, rather the opposite.

Despite this, Tesla is preparing the usual wave of deliveries at the end of the quarter with which to make up the figures. Figures that are possibly positive, but not as much as in previous periods. In the same emails, Musk himself has encouraged his employees to come back strong in a paternalistic tone.. Less friendly has been the last week in which he forced his workers to return to their face-to-face jobs. His erratic attitude has also caused a drop in the shares, although surely nothing will stop the American tycoon who has just announced the third part of his master plan.

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