Electrogenics presents an electric conversion kit for the Land Rover Defender

The years go by, but the Land Rover Defender is still a benchmark in the market. The years do not weigh on the UK’s most iconic off-roader. Although its format and mentality have changed with the arrival of a new generation, the previous versions are still as expensive as they are valid for country life. Its consumption and efficiency is far from being the best of its qualities, and that is why Electrogenics presents a conversion kit with which the Land Rover Defender becomes an electric format.

Electrogenics is one of the most specialized and recognized companies in the emerging market of restomods or electrical adaptations. Unique creations have come out of its laboratories, such as the electric Jaguar e-Type, the Citroën DS or the Porsche 356C, all of them transformed from their original combustion versions to 100% electric formats without leaving appearance or performance in the background. The Defender is another of his fetish models, and for this reason he has just presented a kit that anyone can buy.

The mod package can be relatively simple to install by a qualified mechanic. After eliminating all traces of the combustion engine, the Electrogenics pack includes the engine, battery and all the auxiliary and auxiliary system such as the converter. The small engine offers higher performance than some classic Defenders, 90 kW (120 hp) and 235 Nm of torquewhich is more than enough for the wild life or to do any shooting work you want to do.

Land Rover Defender.

Coupled to that engine is a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 52 kWh which is installed under the hood, taking the place of the already obsolete heat engine. According to the company, the battery offers an estimated autonomy of 160 kilometers on the highwaymore in an off-road circulation or if appropriate use is made of the two available regenerative braking formats. The battery warranty is 320,000 kilometersso there should be no reliability issues for many years.

At the time of recharging, a low-power system with 7.5 kWh has been chosen that will allow 100% of the battery to be recovered in a long overnight charge.. Optionally, Electrogenics offers a more powerful charging kit, although its power is not specified. It goes without saying that the operating cost of the converted Land Rover Defender is drastically reduced, being able to save more than 6,500 euros per year, only in fuel, to which must be added the expenses derived from maintenance, which is practically reduced to zero. with the electric model.

Now, how much does the Electrogenics conversion kit for the Defender cost? The price is about 27,800 euros plus VAT, so it is not particularly cheap. After all, it is not an unaffordable cost if we take into account the expenses that we can save. Despite this, it is still cheaper than some restomods that we have seen of the Land Rover Defender, one made by Twisted EV under the pick-up bodywork and another made by the company ECD Automotive Design that uses the drive assembly of a Tesla Model S.

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